Thursday, October 24, 2013

Do You Belong In Colorado?

Up to now I had thought that the only people who felt they belonged here was a software geek who had sold his shotgun shack in El Segundo for $1M and was looking to escape the California State taxes.

Here's a link to a personality test of eight questions that will tell you which of the lower 48 you would fit in best in. I can point to no attestations to its validity, and note that most states share similarities with several others. It told me that I'd fit in best in Georgia. I know just enough about Georgia to know that there's Atlanta Lanner, and then there's the rest of the state. Some parts look quite appealing, so who knows? Maybe I'll visit some time.


Anonymous said...

It'd be funny to have one that advises left-wingers that they don't fit in anywhere and best relocate to the moon and see how many actually try to get there.

Billll said...

It would be easy enough to do simply by adding the moon to the list and defining the "residents" as espousing the most lefty extreme positions on all the questions. Of course one could add Mars and define it as the most righwardly extreme location.