Saturday, October 12, 2013


While at the symposium I walked by Clayton Cramer who was discussing a piece of government software he had been privy to the workings of. The word "glitch" was used, along with several others which made the crash of the Hindenburg sound like a bumpy landing at DIA. Maybe I'll find out what it was. If so I'll update this post.

Meantime Drudge is using the word "glitch" in reference to a nationwide shutdown of the EBT card system. Seems they were running a routine test on it and the software flunked. Big time. Strip clubs, liquor stores and used car lots everywhere report crashing sales. Oh the humanity.


David Aitken said...

DaTechGuy has an interesting story about the EBT system failure.

Billll said...

He makes an excellent point. My observation is that while it might be easy to note the absence of persons of color from a normally evenly distributed group, it's more difficult to spot a reduction in the numbers of persons of pallor from the same group. I'm pretty sure there were some number of them missing as well, and yes, all the observations remain the same.