Monday, October 7, 2013

Ars Gratia Artis

A silly notion, this. Anyone who can do good art is making a comfortable living in advertising, which is where most of the market for art actually is.

Anyway the state just dropped $1M and 6 months to come up with a logo to use to promote Colorado to the rest of the world, and came up with this:
Ignore the number 7, it's not actually part of the logo. Without the word Colorado under it, it looks like a hazmat placard for a truck carrying Carbon Monoxide. It appears in another contest here in which students at my Alma mater Metro State, were given 2 days to come up with a better logo. The top six are these:

I like #3 as did a large number of people voting at the Denver Pest article on the topic. 

Whoever did the #3 logo got lucky in that I was not in that class, and did not collaborate on the work. I would have used the graphics, but without the enclosing dome. Instead I'd have put the graphic on the side of a big, fat, smoldering blunt.

I don't use the stuff, nor do I endorse it but if you're trying to capture the essence of the state as it currently stands....

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