Thursday, October 10, 2013

The EPA Wants To Listen

They say they do anyway. I think it's just a golf tour for high mucky-mucks. Still, they promise to be there to listen to you about carbon pollution standards. You should go just to ask when the last of the coal-fired power plants will be shut down to save us from the warming. Or how much the new respiration permits will cost.

The schedule and registration for the events which are being held all over the country, is here.

I don't know about the other sites, but the Denver site is in LoDo, meaning that public transit is pretty much mandatory. Also the building 1595 Wynkoop St features security identical to getting onto the concourses at the airport. They are terrified of the peasants so don't bring large water bottles or small pocket knives.

Click the link, and call ahead to see if the government shutdown has exempted them from listening to anybody at all.

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