Friday, October 4, 2013

Colorado Gun Law - Repeal?

Dave Kopel is optimistic about the prospects of repealing two or more of the gun laws passed this year in light of the recall of 2 senators last month.

As Ms. Giron points out, the laws are still in effect and repealing anything is extremely difficult. The current (Dem) leadership in both houses is NOT inclined to let any modification to their signature bills make it out of committee and the leadership are both from very safe blue districts.

Additionally there's the issue of getting Gov Chickenpooper to sign the recall. This may not be as difficult as getting the legislation passed in the first place as the governor has shown a propensity to sign anything that lands on his desk without giving it much thought.

I applaud Mr. Koppel's optimism but I have trouble sharing it.

At this point I see fixing the Vote Fraud Institutionalization Act of 2013 as a greater priority if we expect to remove any of the sitting Dems at all. As it stands, it is still legal to export surplus voters from safe districts into swing districts in an attempt to "swing" the district to your favor, an electoral version of the open borders philosophy.

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