Monday, October 7, 2013

Gun Fun - E-Postal

Here's the October target:
A nice pizza brought to you by Mrs TrueBlueSam. The rules are simple; 25 feet, or as close to that as you can set up at your range; shoot ten times per target.  Anchovies are worth 5 points, Olives are worth 3 points, the Crust is worth 3 points, and Pepperonis are worth 1 point.   Multiple hits on toppings or the crust are OK.   Hits that touch the center of an Olive count double, for 6 points.  You might touch a pepperoni and the crust with one shot; that will count for three on the crust.

Go here to get the actual pdf target as this one isn't remotely the right size.

Results from September are up at TrueBlueSam's place. No one but Mr.Completely got a perfect score which is almost as it should be. If anyone, even Mr. Completely, gets a perfect score, than the target was too easy. Wait until you see my next offering. Bwahahaha!

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