Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bike to Work

Ran across this last weekend. Thought it was way too appropriate to pass up. From the comic strip The Buckets:This strip is frequently eerily appropriate. Yeah, I plan to get a helmet. And yeah, sometimes helmets are SO you can hit something.

The South Is Ready

From my friends on the COLO RKBA group, whom unfortunately have no attribution for this. I had thought it probably had something to do with the 2 upcoming hurricanes, or possible the beginning of hunting season.
Tamara has commented uncharitably about the folks at Wal-Mart, but I'm inclined to think that if you stick your leg out for a proper southerner, he will graciously pull it as far as you'll let him.

All of the Wal-Marts across Tennessee sold out of ammunition last week.
A reliable source said that one of the purchasers commented that Russia may have invaded Georgia , but, "They sure as hell ain't doin' it to Tennessee !"

Friday, August 29, 2008

Good News Today

I had commented that if I were the Republican candidate, or if we actually had a Republican candidate, I'd simply wait for the Obamessiah to finish his speech, then announce Sara Palin as my VP, and arrange the RNC to be a proper rock concert, ending with Ted Nugent.

Well glorioski! He did!

Rob Allen is the first to put out a bumper sticker, at least for the horndog constituency:

Alas, the file format is weird, so go see it here, or here.

You're right Ron, You shouldn't have done that.

Fusion Data in Review

Results of the WB-7 test is being reviewed by the Navy. If it seems positive enough, the next step will be a full-sized reactor.

If the next test is givin a go-ahead, expect the price of oil to take a drop. If it proves to be a well-qualified success, expect a BIG drop.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Bike To Work

“I am not ded.” (Terry Pratchett reference)

A few weeks ago I found myself in a position to ride a bicycle to work. This seemed like a swell idea as there was no gasoline involved and minimal exposure to highway traffic.

At this point I am beginning to wonder. Last Monday on my way home from work while passing under a roadway, at a spot with very poor visibility, I got to the underpass, and spotted a kid who was going as fast as I was. The next thing I remember seeing was the red light from the CT scan machine.

It appears the bend in the trail lacks the visibility to avoid collisions. Normally there is not enough traffic there to matter but sooner or later somebody will meet you there.

Two days in Intensive Care – only annoying the nurses a little bit. Followed by two days in Multi Trauma I have a collection of dings and bangs that would impress a middle-weight boxer.

Amazingly enough the bruises, not withstanding their size, don’t hurt that much. Probably because of the sub-arachnoid bleed on the right side of my brain and the inch and a half long trauma to my left temporal lobe. This apparently causes the brain to not recognize the other injuries or to only recognize about 30% of it.

I’m dictating to D’Wife as I am not yet capable of writing this sort of thing myself.

I will be unable to attend the Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash on Thursday because Life is a Bitch and D’Wife is in charge of it ‘cause I sure can’t be. I’m on anti-seizure meds for several more days and limited to short periods of human interactions.

For some as yet undetermined time I cannot climb stairs or ladders, drink alcohol, drive a car or motorcycle, or ride a bike. I cannot operate machinery of any sort and I am to avoid loud noises and dangerous situations that may cause stress or another injury.

Above all I must avoid falling down or hitting my head again in any way as it could get terminal.

Life may be real dull for the next 3 – 6 months.

“Life can be long and dull or short and merry.” (Conan the Barbarian reference)

Looks like I’m stuck with 3-6 months of long and dull. I will be writing as I expect my writing ability will return rapidly and I have plenty to say.

People are doing stupid things that need to be commented on. So I haven’t abandoned anybody in the next few days I will get more comments down.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Big Mo For The Big O

The big O now has the endorsement of the Communist Party USA, North Korea, Fidel Castro, and Mommar Qaddafi.
This on top of every MSM paper and TV network in the country.
Hard to see how he could lose.

Mad Science

The Air Force is up to the testing phase for their airborne laser, version 2. Version 1 was to intercept incoming Russian nukes over Canada, but the threat seemed to recede after 1991.

Precision engagement of a PID [Positively Identified] insurgent by a DEW [Directed Energy Weapon] will be a highly surgical and impressively violent event. Target effects will include instantaneous burst-combustion of insurgent clothing, a rapid death through violent trauma, and more probably a morbid combination of both. It is estimated that the aftermath of a sub-second engagement by PASDEW [Precision Airborne Standoff Directed Energy Weapon] will also be an observable event leaving an impression of terrifyingly precise CF [Coalition Force] attribution in the minds of all witnesses.
"So there we were, just tooling down the dusty road in Georgia, me and my comrades in the tank column, when suddenly all our tank commanders heads began exploding. Can’t imagine how that could have happened if is wasn’t an act of God, and Czar Putin says He doesn’t exist.”

Deny all you want, there's a very limited list of people who could do a trick like that and their names all start with "U.S.Dept of". The most impressive scenario I could think of would be to pre-designate a string of targets using mouse-clicks on an IR imaging screen, followed by clicking once in the "execute" box and watching the chain reaction of destruction happen so fast that even if the last target saw the first one get hit, he couldn't actually do anything before becoming part of the show himself.

H/T to Resurrection Song

ATF rules

Or at least they try very hard to.

Their imperial majesties at the ATF demonstrate once again that they have too much budget and time on their hands. Following is a document that defines just what it takes to become a “manufacturer of firearms”. Lets compare this to things you or your mechanic might do to your car, since cars are statistically far more dangerous than firearms in this country:

Manufacturing of Firearms

Below are examples of operations performed on firearms and guidance as to whether or not such operations would be considered manufacturing under the Gun Control Act (GCA). These examples do not address the question of whether the operations are considered manufacturing for purposes of determining excise tax. Any questions concerning the payment of excise tax should be directed to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, U.S. Department of the Treasury.

Generally, a person should obtain a license as a manufacturer of firearms if the person:

1) is performing operations that create firearms or alter firearms (in the case of alterations, the work is not being performed at the request of customers, rather the person who is altering the firearms is purchasing them making the changes, and then reselling them);

If you buy a car, and fix it up with the intent of selling it, you are now a manufacturer, just like GM, except maybe profitable.

2) is performing the operations as a regular course of business or trade; and in replacing worn tires or getting the car detailed.

3) is performing the operations for the purpose of sale or distribution of the firearms.

…such as one would normally do at a used car lot. In the case of automobiles, the person might be seen to be manufacturing kit cars, substantially different from the donor cars.

1. A company produces a quantity of firearm frames or receivers for sale to customers who will assemble firearms. The company is engaged in the business of manufacturing firearms and should be licensed as a manufacturer of firearms.

A company making unassembled and/or unfinished bodies and frames, essentially from scratch, would be a manufacturer. O.K.

2. A company produces frames or receivers for another company that assembles and sells the firearms. Both companies are engaged in the business of manufacturing firearms, and each should be licensed as a manufacturer of firearms.

Any shops subcontracted to for parts or sub-assemblies becomes a manufacturer of automobiles, even the supplier of raw steel, if they do any prep work to the metal, such as cutting or bending.

3. A company provides frames to a subcontractor company that performs

machining operations on the frames and returns the frames to the original company that assembles and sells the completed firearms. Both companies are engaged in the business of manufacturing firearms and should be licensed as manufacturers of firearms.

So if U-Haul alters the frame of your car by installing a hitch receiver, drilling a couple of holes in the process, they become a manufacturer of automobiles. Does that make your Honda a U-Haul, or would that be hyphenated on the title document as Honda-U-Haul?

4. A company produces barrels for firearms and sells the barrels to another company that assembles and sells complete firearms. Because barrels are not firearms, the company that manufactures the barrels is not a manufacturer of firearms. The company that assembles and sells the firearms should be licensed as a manufacturer of firearms.

The company that rebuilds your engine is not a manufacturer of automobiles, but Joes Garage, who installs it in your car, is. See above reference to re-titling your car.

5. A company receives firearm frames from individual customers, attaches stocks and barrels, and returns the firearms to the customers for the customers’ personal use. The operations performed on the firearms were not for the purpose of sale or distribution. The company should be licensed as a dealer or gunsmith, not as a manufacturer of firearms.

6. A company acquires one receiver, assembles one firearm, and sells the firearm. The company is not manufacturing firearms as a regular course of trade or business and is not engaged in the business of manufacturing firearms. This company does not need to be licensed as a manufacturer.

7. An individual acquires frames or receivers and assembles firearms for his or her personal use, not for sale or distribution. The individual is not manufacturing firearms for sale or distribution and is not required to be a licensed manufacturer.

8. A gunsmith regularly buys military-type firearms, Mausers, etc., and

"sporterizes” them for resale. The gunsmith is in the business of

manufacturing firearms and should be licensed as a manufacturer.

If a used-car lot buys used cars, and attaches or affixes decals, spoilers, mag wheels, fender well flares, or the like to increase the resale value, they are manufacturing cars. Again, see above note re retitling.

9. A gunsmith buys semiautomatic pistols and modifies the slides to accept a new style of sights. The sights are not usually sold with these firearms and do not attach to the existing mounting openings. The gunsmith offers these firearms for sale. This would be considered the manufacturing of firearms, and the gunsmith should be licensed as a manufacturer.

10. A gunsmith buys government model pistols and installs “drop-in”

precision trigger parts or other “drop-in parts” for the purpose of resale. This would be considered the manufacturing of firearms, as the gunsmith is purchasing the firearms, modifying the firearms, and selling them. The gunsmith should be licensed as a manufacturer.

11. A gunsmith buys surplus military rifles, bends the bolts to accept a scope, and then drills the receivers for a scope base. The gunsmith offers these firearms for sale. This would be considered the manufacturing of firearms, and the gunsmith should be licensed as a manufacturer.

12. A gunsmith buys surplus military rifles or pistols and removes the

stocks, adds new stocks or pistol grips, cleans the firearms, then sends the firearms to a separate contractor for bluing. These firearms are then sold to the public. This would be considered manufacturing of firearms, and the gunsmith should be licensed as a manufacturer.

The guy that does the bluing, too. See 14 below.

13. A company purchases surplus firearms, cleans the firearms, then offers them for sale to the public. The company does not need to be licensed as a manufacturer.

At least the car-wash would be off the hook, even if they use wax.

14. A company produces firearms or firearm receivers and sends the firearm/receivers out for colorizing (bluing, camouflaging, phosphating, or plating) and/or heat treating. Do the companies performing the colorization and/or heat treating need to be licensed as manufacturers, and are the companies required to place their markings on the firearm? ATF has determined that both colorization and heat treating of firearms are manufacturing processes. The companies performing the processes are required to be licensed as manufacturers. If the companies providing colorization and/or heat treating have not received variances to adopt the original manufacturer’s markings, they would be required to place their own markings on any firearm on which they perform the manufacturing process of colorization and/or heat treating.

If you get any parts plated, coated, or painted for your car, the plating or paint shop is now a manufacturer of automobiles.

I have mentioned before that the ATF is the embodiment of the jack-booted thug, and serves no useful purpose that some other agency doesn't already serve.

Contact your Senators and Representatives and let them know that this agency is out of control, and needs to be terminated as a cost-saving measure. I understand that a significant part of the mail they get regarding the ATF is demanding its dismantling. Keep it up.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


New frontiers in transportation!

Ran across this little number on Confederate Yankee where they were discussing Obamas efforts to find a few Harley riders to show up at one of his rallies in some function other that first responder riot cops.

Note the roll cage. Note the windscreen, complete with wiper. Note the seat belts. I suppose those knobs and handle-thingies up by the riders shoulders are crash bars.

Note the "Buy American, Vote Obama" stickie. Note the BMW logo.

It's a BMW C1 scooter. Introduced in 1992, and scheduled for production in 2000, I guess it didn't make the cut.

Optional equipment will include ABS, heated handlebars and seat, a radio and CD player, navigation system, mobile phone holder and an anti-theft warning unit. Unfortunately, BMW has forgotten the cup holder. BMW has a clear vision of the potential target purchasers for the C 1. And, go figure, Americans are not included.
If they had just remembered to include canvas sides and a cup holder, the thing could have really taken off in places like Seattle where the weather is mild enough for motorcycles nearly all year round, but wet enough for deep-water fishing on most suburban streets. Of course, the addition of sides would also require the addition of a defroster, and the thing only has a 125cc motor to begin with.

With a radio, CD player, mobile phone, and navigation system, I think I know what happened; all the test riders were killed in crashes while getting directions, changing CDs, and calling ahead to say they were entering a high-traffic area and would be arriving soon, and could you have the coffee ready?

Piaggio already has the production version ready, minus the non-essentials, available up to 250cc.

Of course, if that's not enough power to get you in trouble, try this:

Yup, it's a Yamaha V-max by Tilting Motor Works. Gobs of power, and 3 wheels to boot. Of course the Piaggio has a locking system that holds the bike upright at a stop, and this one appears to need the side stand when you park it. Still, with a bit of weather proofing, here's a 150 mph commuter you could ride in the rain. Probably not at 150 though.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Politics as usual

I've noticed my leftie friends walking around with a renewed confidence, a spring in their steps, a smile on their lips, a song in their hearts, as events suggest they may not have an impending appointment with the dustbin of history after all. Not only do they provide us with both candidates for president this year, but their old socio-economic role model, the Soviet Union, seems to have miraculously risen from the grave, and is back in business just like during Carters (alleged) administration.

Now we have another chance to re-live those wonderful days of simultaneous double digit unemployment and inflation, to the accompaniment of New York Times editorials lauding the inevitableness of the future Socialist utopia, just around the corner.

A proper overture to all this would be to burn a significant part of downtown Denver to the ground during the convention. I, for one, am rooting for them.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Common Sense

This is an attempt at loading video here. Plus I rather liked the thing.

Thanks Robert

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Sometimes new technologies just seem to feed off one another. First is an article by Vijay Prakash suggesting that the world, or at least his local slice of it, augment their diet with regular helpings of rat. (cue Monty Python "ratatouille" skit) As it happens, I have a t-shirt featuring a "rat, lettuce, and tomato" sandwich.

Next comes this piece from
Kevin Warwick, a professor at the University of Reading who has constructed a controller for a small robot using cultured rat brain tissue. Today the Skinner Box, tomorrow the US Congress, oh, wait...

I can see it coming; a computer that needs to be fed, watered, and it's litter box changed. Sort of broadens the meaning of the expression "my computer's crashed". Just wait until it wakes up again. And to increase the memory, just drop in selected bits of your lunch.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Nanny Statism

State Rep. Claire Levy has a suggestion for all of us suffering from the high cost of gas: Get an apartment in town, preferably halfway between where you currently work, and the grocery store closest to your work That's right, dump your evil single-family in the 'burbs, and pay rent to share a bathroom wall and a postage-stamp piece of grass with who knows whom.

Ms Levy represents Boulder, and parts of Clear Creek, and Gilpin counties, home of some of the hardest to get to 'burbs in the state. Did I mention price? No. If you have to ask, you probably can't afford to live there, but I'm sure the nearly-impoverished denizens of Sunshine Canyon would dearly love to run the "under $1M" peasants out so as not to depress the property values.

She goes on to state that the market alone, is not sufficient to force people back into the higher-tax-rate urbanized areas, and suggests the formation of a statewide planning commission which would make the 'burbs even more unaffordable. I might suggest it was the market that drove them out of town in the first place.

I know some people like this, and I'm sure you do too. The sort of folks who are driven to neuroses by the thought that there may be people out there running their own lives with no input from them whatsoever. Most of them get them selves elected head of the local arts-nobbling society, and run the group from a bunch of enthusiasts to a handful of sycophants.

Some get elected to high political office, and run their demesnes in the same direction, as witness the exodus from certain states. The people to vote for are the ones who promise to get the government out of your face, not the ones who want to help you with your problems.

The state is NOT your friend.

Musical Interlude

I like a lot of music, including both Metal and bluegrass (go figure), so here's the Appalachian hillbilly version of Running With The Devil. I rather like this version better than the original, although I kept expecting a Flatt and Scruggs breakout at any second.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Obama Gear

Get your high-fashion gear here:

Perfect for the upcoming convention, and if he wins, nice protective coloration for when the Department of Re-Education comes nosing around.
Just to be safe, the hat placard is reversible and says "Hillary '08" on the other side.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Teleoperated Infantry Takes On Deadliest Enemy

With the implementation of the remotely operated infantryman, the Army is now in a position to deal with its deadliest enemies. Video report here.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash

Resurrection Song is proud to announce the 5000th* annual Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash:

August 28, 2008
Trios Enoteca
1730 Wynkoop·Denver, CO 80202
7:30 PM to Close

Free Food and Free Beer & Wine
(In limited supplies and only if we like you.)

RSVP here.

*Ask him how the number got so high. I'm blaming global warming. That or alcohol abuse.

Postal Match

Results on the latest match are here, and I didn't embarrass myself.

Also congrats to Sailor Curt on coming in first overall with a pocket pistol. Be warned, I'm following your gun smithing articles, and eventually my vz82 will be as good as yours.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Fusion reactors

Bussard IEC (Inertial Electrostatic Confinement) prototype tested. Film at 11. 11 being defined here as 4-8 weeks. OTOH they are already planning to build the next one at the 100KW output size and go for the gold, so the news must be promising, indeed.

Obamas Struggles

Over at The Nation, there's an open letter to the Obamessiah complaining that he's drifting away from the doctrinaire Marxism that got him nominated. He appears to be embracing positions occupied by arch-conservative John McCain (snort!).

It's almost enough to make me sympathetic for the man, I mean look how hard it is to find help with an IQ higher than that of a doorknob, no matter how rich or highly placed on the campus faculty.

For Gods sake people, he isn't drifting into the arms of Karl Rove; HE'S LYING!
Now be quiet and let him see if he can fool anyone else.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Gun Stuff

Some time back I picked up a .177 pellet gun for the amazing price of $19.99.
Made in China? Check
Hefty real wood stock? Check
Rifled barrel? Check.
One-cock 700fps (claimed) action? Check
Dipped in cosmolene? check
Actual velocity 350-700 fps, varies from shot to shot? check
Pellets that fail to engage the rifling and tumble inside of 15 yards? check.

It turns out the thing may not be so bad after all, after the manufacturing burrs are removed, and the preservative goo is carefully removed, which requires complete disassembly of the rifle. Did I mention that there's no instruction manual for this?
I finished doing some additional deburring tonight. Range reports will be forthcoming.

On an unrelated note, the Hunter brand holster, model # 3324 53S fits the CZ82 just about perfectly. I got one at the gun show for $5. Happy happy, joy, joy.

Swing Voters

There is a piece over on the Volokh Conspiracy in which Ilya Somin discusses swing voters, noting that of all the electorate they tend to be the most ignorant of the candidates and issues. This is partly attributed to lower average education levels among the undecided, but primarily to apathy about the whole process.
Yes, indeed, your vote will not likely swing an election, but when there is a general belief in this, a lot of votes that would otherwise be cast, and,thus, swing an election, simply stay home.
We're going to get to pick a whole crop of folks who have the power to relieve you of up to 50% of your hard-earned money on the premise that they know how to spend it better than you do. I've gotten to meet a few of them, and people, if you get to shake hands with any of them, be sure and count your fingers afterwards. Then check your watch and wallet. Then count your fingers again, just to be safe.
Listen carefully to what they tell you, and ask yourself who's going to pay for their promises when most governments are in the red already.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Alternative Energy

The folks at MIT have figured out how to make solar energy practical. For any given demand, you install 3 times as much capacity as would ordinarily be required, and use the surplus to electrolyze water. During the off hours, you recombine the Hydrogen and Oxygen in fuel cells to produce electricity. This is not a new concept, as some Googling on the Cabin Creek pumped hydro facility will reveal.
Who knows, maybe it will work. I'm not holding my breath.

More Politics as Usual

The Republicans were trying to permit offshore drilling on the condition that gas prices reached some trigger point. They kept offering higher and higher triggers, but Ken Salazar (D-AlQuida) kept objecting. $10/gallon is not too high a price to pay, as long as you are the ones paying it.

Politics as usual

There were several bills of some significance on the House floor last week: One would have permitted oil drilling in the far offshore. One would have returned gun rights to the besieged residents of DC. I seem to remember some others, but the details escape me just now. I'll edit this post as I am reminded of them, or my readers (all three of you) can put them in the comments.

When issues raised their ugly heads,
the Democrats turned their tails and fled.

The ban on offshore drilling expires Sept 30 all by itself, unless congress votes to extent it. I expect the ban extension will be attached to a bill to provide medical care to wounded troops or some such.
There is a saying that generals are always prepared to fight the next war with the weapons and tactics of the last one. The last time the Dems elected a president-for-life, there was a great depression going on, and the presidents term was greatly extended by his efforts in extending it. To repeat the feat, all we need is $8/gallon gas, and high tariffs against our foreign trading partners, and sure enough, that's the party platform. I'm amazed that anyone votes for them.