Monday, October 14, 2013

Recall Too - Part 3 Getting Noticed

The Dem strategy in the recall efforts begins with the old standby of ignoring the opposition and hoping the rest of the public does the same. This is becoming increasingly difficult to do as even editorials in the Denver Pest ridiculing the effort serve to draw attention to it. The effort is bipartisan as both the Dems and the Republican leadership have weighed in denouncing the effort as divisive. The sentiment is shared as I had a lady stop her car in traffic on Friday to yell at me that if we didn't like Sen Hudak, we should wait for the elections to vote her out. Sen Hudak is up for reelection in 2016.

The governor is now suggesting that the anti-gun groups from out of state should stay away from this one as the people of Colorado, he has discovered, don't like being dictated to by New Yorkers. He must have only recently figured this out as not even the presence of thousands of angry peasants prevented him from signing everything that landed on his desk this spring. He is no longer listed on the membership list at MAIG, but one supposes he's some kind of member emeritus, having moved up from Mayor to Governor.

The lower tier Dems are less sanguine about this with the Aspen Times, the organ for rich ex-pat Californians reporting that a Herculean effort will be mounted next year to keep Colorado in the blue state category.
“We found in Pueblo, where there are a lot of hunters, that people didn’t understand the new gun-safety laws,” she said. “We would tell them that the laws passed in March and then ask them, ‘Is your gun gone?’”
Not yet.
It was difficult trying to counter the efforts of the National Rifle Association and other special-interest groups, she said, because they spend a lot of money and use scare tactics.
“We explained to people that what the (Colorado General Assembly) did was not ‘gun control,’ it was ‘gun safety,’” O’Leary said.
Hunters and shooters, it would seem, have no real grasp of the concept of "gun safety".


Cincinnatus said...

Odd that lying did not work, eh?

Billll said...

On one side of the fence it's called "lying". On the other side it's called "preaching to the choir". It works if the choir side of the fence includes 51% of the electorate.