Thursday, October 10, 2013

Gun Sales

The FBI's NICS data tells me that NICS checks are down almost 4% vs September of last year. This is the fourth month in a row in which checks were lower than previous year. It's still up from 2 years ago, so the antis have nothing to crow about.

The point of this is that ammo should be less stressed as a result. I have had reports of people walking into Wal Marts and finding the popular calibers on the shelf. One other thing is that the last Tanner gun show was very sparsely attended. Rifles and pistols were available at no more than 10% over last years prices, which is consistent with inflation.

Yes, I know the government is happy to tell you that inflation is in the 1% range, but listen carefully to the report. Note the disclaimer: "Excepting the volatile food and energy sectors, core inflation was...". So as long as you don't eat, drive to work, or heat your house, prices are stable.

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