Sunday, October 27, 2013

Recall Too - Facetime

Evidently seeing a need for some media face time, Sen Hudak held a rally on the steps of the capitol attended by 2 of her close friends, Rep McCann and Rep Fields. Rep McCann appeared to be among the Brownies* protesting the recall effort on Friday as well. The picture of the rally showed 11 live people and 9 empty chairs representing the 9 women killed in domestic violence disputes per week.

Rep McCann was one of 3 or 4 protesters out at 80th and Wadsworth on Friday. She went home early as it appeared that most of the traffic passing by favored the recall.

Rep Fields distinguished herself in front of the House Judiciary committee and about 1000 onlookers when as House sponsor of the magazine limitation bill she was unable to tell anyone where the exemption for profitable businesses was in a 3-page bill.

*I started out calling them Brownshirts, but they don't appear to be that well organized.

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