Sunday, September 29, 2013

Guns In Schools - Obama channels LaPierre

Wayne LaPierre may have shot us in the foot or maybe in the wallet when he suggested putting armed guards in the schools. Once the blissninnies got their knickers 
changed, someone among them realized that any armed guards would be 
UNION armed guards.

Obama will put union good guys in the schools at a cost of 
$100,000+/each, fully trained, with benefits including kicked back union 
dues. Or later he will use TSA-type folks at a burdened cost of $50,000/ea 
including superficial training and of course kicked back union dues.

Paying for training and CCW for such teachers as wanted it would work 
just as well and cost a lot less, but it wouldn't add any union jacks or 
jills to the payroll. Cost of course is no object. Money grows on 
taxpayers and every new warm body puts a bit more jingle in the OFA pot.

Take the number of public schools in the country, figure a minimum of 
one guard per school, and two for each high school, times 
$500/person/year* for OFA, and you elect a lot of Democrats.

*Union dues. I'm guessing. Anyone got a better number?

Range Day - IDPA & Hi Point 4095

I trust everyone had a good time at the range yesterday. I did.

Club IDPA match highlighted (for me anyway) by the stage starting off with 2 targets at arms length to be dealt with from retention, followed by one further off to be shot while retreating, followed by more targets in other places.

The first two targets don't require careful aiming or anything, at  2 feet you'll seldom miss so one shot left, two right, one more left and move on, all in just a few seconds. The fun part was coming back to score the string and discovering I had 5 holes in the right target and about eight in the left, which the SO would not let me credit against misses on any of the others.

This of course is caused by muzzle blast blowing the tape off the targets, but it's impressive to look at.

After talking to People Who Should Know, It was suggested that the Hi Point 4095 should indeed be shooting better than I'm seeing and it was suggested that the barrel needed to be fully bedded top and bottom. The barrel mounted rail is nice, but the barrel is prone to a lot of vibration I guess. The barrel mounts for the rail preclude using the original upper forearm, so I made one.
The forward notch was a mistake. This is my first one and solid walnut too. AFAIK, this is the only real wood piece of furniture for a Hi Point carbine in the world. You saw it here first! The part slides on and engages four tabs on the lower forearm.  As there is no other attachment, I added a collar to the barrel to keep it from sliding forward. This of itself also acts as a damper. If the rail mounts seem a bit tall, it's because they align the rail with the original back on the bolt shroud. If the rail seems a bit long, it's because it was a direct replacement for the original plastic rail. The scope is a 4X pistol scope I borrowed from a friend to get the eye relief that mounting it so far forward required. Overall a bit kludgey, but:
1.86 MOA at 50 yards was my best group. Whenever I tried to adjust the scope, the groups exploded in size and settled back very slowly which sounds like a sticky scope. I didn't bring enough ammo to fully center the groups. Still this is way better than the 6 MOA I started with.

Moving forward, possibilities include trimming the stock just forward of the bolt shroud and adding an aluminum sleeve to the full length of the barrel similar to something Tactical Solutions might do.

Build the rail into the sleeve or at least a hard point for the existing rail, and voila! eye-catching tactical tomfoolery on your now sub 2MOA Hi Point. In the meantime, users on a budget might try simply adding the collar. Mine is McMaster Carr P/N

3374K11Machinable-Bore Clamp-on Shaft Collar, for 1/8" to 3/4" Diameter, Two-Piece - $11.88
Clamp a business card between the halves and bore it to .659". Can't hurt.

Suicide Bombers, Kidnappers and Arsonists, Oh My!

This is the current characterization of conservatives by the administration's lackeys. You can tell it's patently baloney by ignoring the verbiage and looking at the actions. If the regime thought the conservatives actually fit that description, they would be showering Ted Cruz with automatic weapons and antiaircraft missiles. For myself I would prefer an M-4 and ammo in lieu of the Stinger missile. I eagerly await delivery.

Remember Gibson Guitar? The company whose management donated to conservative candidates and was hit with an FTC investigation that resulted in confiscation of a bunch of their exotic woods and a $300,000 donation to the government which got the charges dropped but not the return of the wood?

Remember Fender Guitar whose management donated to Democrats and had no such trouble?

Now it's Lumber Liquidators whose crime it is to be advertisers on the Rush Limbaugh show that's getting the terrorist treatment. When you pay the government to drop the charges and don't have to admit to having done anything illegal, it's not justice. It's protection money, plain and simple. The city limits of Chicago now extend from sea to shining sea.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Global Warming

IPCC's preliminary report comes out today with a tiny footnote to the effect that when the full report is released next year, it will have been revised into agreement with the preliminary report released today. Inspires confidence, no?

Meantime one of the participants notes that the "95%" confidence statement in the preliminary report was the result of mostly subjective arm waving rather than any actual mathematical calculations.

Money quote from another participant:
From comments: “SPM in a nutshell: Since we started in 1990 we were right about the Arctic, wrong about the Antarctic, wrong about the tropical troposphere, wrong about the surface, wrong about hurricanes, wrong about the Himalayas, wrong about sensitivity, clueless on clouds and useless on regional trends. And on that basis we’re 95% confident we’re right.”
Manbearpig would approve.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Colorado Gun Law - Still Not Listening

The Denver Pest is reporting that in the wake of 2 senators losing their seats over the gun laws passed early this year, the state Democrats still see no reason to listen to their constituents or change their votes on any of the measures.

House Speaker Mark Ferrandino, a Denver Democrat, said if measures looking to repeal the gun laws are presented, they will be treated like any other bill.
It will get read on the floor and sent to the Veterans Affairs committee to die.

"Wholesale repeals of these gun safety laws have little chance of passing," Ferrandino said. "If there's questions about tweaks to the laws, then they should be discussed and hashed out."
Farrandino would probably consider reducing the mag limit from 15 to 10, but not the other direction.

Underscoring their challenges, Republicans attempted in the past session to expand gun rights through measures that included allowing teachers to carry concealed weapons. The efforts died in committee.
"I don't see any more floor debate needed on the gun laws we passed," said Sen. Pat Steadman, D-Denver, when asked if Democrats would send repeal legislation to so-called "kill committees" where they would be stopped from making it to a floor debate.
They won and we lost so no further debate is needed. Morse and Giron are considered to be merely collateral damage, and as long as the Dems hold the trifecta of House, Senate, and Governor,  the peasants can eat cake.

We need to begin thinking right now of the 2014 elections as recall 2 with a broader scope. The election of Mark Baisley as GOP vice chair is a good start.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Maker Faire - Zombies

Sooner or later according to John Ringo, someone at your friendly neighborhood Maker Faire will be demonstrating his DIY Zombie kit, and you will be the prime ingredient.

I've known about some of the technology involved for some time but hadn't given it much of a thought lately. I knew the technology was advancing though.

George R. R. Martin's Ark will not be a starship, but a closet in someone's basement.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Traveling With Firearms

In a newsletter from John Farnham it was mentioned that whatever the case/box/trunk/whatever you pack your firearm(s) in, the TSA will insist that it have two locks rather than one.

Good information there. I didn't know about the two locks bit and might have had problems on my last trip on that account. I had packed 2 rifles, one pistol, and a bunch of ammo and 2 soft rifle cases into a small trunk I found at Lowes. Nice trunk, but it has 2 latches and only one padlock feature. Amtrak requires that you declare firearms 24 hours in advance although I suspect this might be only for the temporary station in Denver. The temporary Amtrak station in Denver has no visible screening equipment of any sort. This will presumably be rectified when the remodeling effort on the old station is complete sometime next year I'm told.

The station has no visible screening facilities either for checked or carry-on baggage so the advance notice is probably so a TSA actor can be brought in for the theater dance around the luggage. They explained to me that any hard case qualifies to transport firearms in as long as it's locked on the outside, plus the usual stuff about loose ammo.

They swab the inside of the case looking for explosive residue and in a case containing firearms I would say if they didn't find any, the equipment was probably defective. When the residue detector goes off, they lift the foam padding and discover the targets I store there.  Big deal.
On the return trip they missed 4 or 5 loose .22 rounds that rolled under the padding.

As I had mentioned before, I switched from Amtrak to U.S.Airways at the last minute and revised my luggage compliment at the same time. I traveled with a rifle and a pistol in a long rifle case, a Wal-Mart special which was acceptable to the airlines. It made the trip intact but when it got back to Denver the snap latches had all popped and the top of the case was gapping open. Nothing fell out, but next time I'll add some extra thing to secure the latches. Straps maybe.

 For transport thru hotels and out to the range, I recommend the Levys EM7P guitar case which has 3/4" of foam padding, handle, backpack straps, and enough space in a zippered side pouch for targets and ammo. Makes anyone look like a wandering minstrel and will hold rifles up to 42" long. Price varies wildly, in the $25-$50 range. It pays to shop around.

My New BFF

Scroll down to the other post with the same title. My puppy now has a new home with a young lady and her black Lab mix. Not sure what the Lab was mixed with but my first guess was "horse". At about 120 lb this monster needed a playmate, and the two hit it right off. The only worry was that the level of rough housing the two dogs have going as they play may be detrimental to the walls and furniture.

Oh well, not my problem.

Happy Puppy!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Slow Joke

Some jokes take a long time to tell. This is usually on purpose to keep the listener on edge in antici

pation of the punch line.

So here's the setup: Venezuela has recently experienced a shortage of toilet paper. The government solution is to nationalize the T.P. plant. It has been remarked that if the government were put in charge of the Sahara desert, in 6 months there would be a shortage of sand. This remark referred to the U.S. government so the 6 months figure relies mostly on the huge inertia inherent to the U.S. government.

Anyone care to guess the time lag before the complete disappearance of T.P. in Venezuela?

Friday, September 20, 2013

Colorado Recalls

I must be the last person to hear about this but is seems the presence of video cameras at the polling places actually did have the effect of suppressing the vote, at least in Sen Morses district. This was discussed on local radio a few days ago where it was observed that numbers of young would-be voters approached the polling places, noted the presence of video cameras, and suddenly decided that they probably weren't going to move to the Springs after all.

OFA in Boulder, some 120 miles away had promised to bus in several hundred volunteers, and the local college promised to be well represented.

No word of a Revealing Politics presence in Giron's district however, so her complaints of vote suppression were the result of her reading from Sen Morses script.

This makes getting the new Vote Fraud Entrenchment Act of 2013 either repealed or greatly amended that much more urgent.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

QOTD - Climate and Economics

The article by  John Ransom at Town Hall is about a European take on climate science (?) in which they admit that it doesn't matter if everything they've been telling us for the last 50 years or so has been wrong or not but the observation at the end is this:
And another thing: Europe controlled North America for longer than there has been the United States.
In all that time they couldn’t make it profitable.
It rather reminds me of P.J. O'Rourke's observation when he went to Egypt to see if he could determine why people in the Middle East were acting crazy.  After getting a drink at the hotel bar and spinning his stool around to view the great pyramid of Giza outside the window he realized that "These people have always been crazy!".

This may have been not entirely fair as up until the mid 600's Egypt had been the Mediterranean's bread basket.

Over the last 2000 years or so there seems to have been only two ways to make a country rich and prosperous:
1. Free trade and low taxes and
2. Looting and pillaging your prosperous neighbors.

Method #1 favors the citizenry. Method #2 favors the ruling classes. In the end method #2 destroys the wealth it attempts to redistribute and reduces everyone to poverty, but while it lasts it produces some really great historical artifacts in the form of palaces which are later converted to museums.

Fun With Headlines

This one from Complete Colorado, one of my favorite sources for local news:

Floods creating water problems

Who'd a thunk it?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My New BFF

This poor fellow has a background story that would make a good T.V. soap.
Bought for some lucky lad by his G.F. just prior to the pair setting up housekeeping together, she then dumped him. He could not find a roommate for the new apartment and had to let it go and move in with his parents. Parents would not allow the dog to move in so I'm dog-sitting hopefully for a short time while a new home is found.

I like the dog, a male Boxer* 5 months old and 35 lbs., a big clumsy friendly puppy. He already knows how to sit, lie down and has about 60% of the fetch-the-ball routine worked out. Problem is he's already at least 5 lbs heavier than any dog I might actually keep at this point.

*Registered as such. Some towns around here have a problem with certain breeds. Mine doesn't.

Monday, September 16, 2013

What's A Journalist?

The Senate is currently debating this question in order to define upon whom certain special protections shall be bestowed. If this strikes you as dangerous, you're right. The U.S. is one of only a few countries that currently does not require a person to obtain a license from the government to report on the doings of the government.
The bill says that a "covered journalist" is a person who gathers or writes news for "an entity or service that disseminates news and information."
Using this definition an open-minded judge would have to admit that even I qualify. Our elected officials however will probably want something more restrictive, like a definition of "an entity or service" that would include corporations like News Corp or one of the alphabet soup broadcasters, but not anything that includes blogspot in its name. I expect that the final version will after all the mumbo-jumbo is sifted read something like:
A "covered journalist" is a person who gathers or writes news for "an entity or service that disseminates news and information and doesn't say anything bad about elected officials."
Drudge is calling the law "fascist"  which is probably not far off. Under fascism you get to keep your business, but there's a government official effectively on your board of directors with ultimate power over any actions you might be contemplating.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Ammo Shortage

I'm still convinced it's related to the sudden upswing in gun sales our Feckless Bleater set of by getting reelected last year. Here's the latest on NICS checks:
We may assume that sales are now down to something near a normal rate for this time of the year and accompanying ammo demand is also back to somewhere near normal so production now has a chance to catch up. Hopefully this can be done before the Nov-Dec buying season causes ammo demand to begin climbing again.

Update: So NSSF, which is the industry representative, suggests that 71% is the markdown factor to separate CCW, job, and other reasons for getting a background check. This implies that the projected 21M background checks for 2013 will translate into 14.91M firearm sales for this year.

Colorado Gun Law

As a follow up to the successful recall efforts this month, the organizers are extending their efforts to an attempt to repeal the two most onerous of the several laws passed this spring. This will be a statewide effort and will require that several Dems flip their positions on the laws which passed pretty much on a party line basis. They will have a website up Sept 16 with all the details.

Any time is a good time to begin reminding the Dems in the House that although their names were not on the ballot this month, they WILL be on the ballot come November of next year and we the voters will not forget about their actions this year.

A petition urging Colorado legislators to repeal the gun control will go live on September 16 at

 Angry peasants. Not something you want to see outside your castle.

Update: The petition is up. In the "comment to legislators" box you might add a request to either repair or repeal the Vote Fraud Act of 2013.

Bloombergs Gun Laws

The Mayor of Colorado, Michael Bloomberg is taking the recall of two of his minions in stride with his people noting that the laws they helped pass that got them ousted are still firmly in place. Laws once passed are seldom repealed, no matter how poorly written or misguided they turn out to be. Mayor Bloomberg is taking the recalls as unfortunate collateral damage and is moving ahead with his plan to disarm as much of the country as his considerable fortune allows.  Both Morse and Giron, while unhappy to be the damage, agree with him. If passing these laws costs them their jobs, then so be it.

The Denver Post today is reprinting the article by Heidi Yewman that received so much derision from the gun community dismissing her as probably the most irresponsible "gun owner" any of them had ever seen. This along with numerous offers to fill in the vast gaps in her experience, mostly at the offerer's expense, led her to discontinue the projected series of articles rather than go on for another 3 weeks.Read it while you can. The original article drew so much derision that it has been withdrawn from its original posting site at Ms. magazine and Huffy Pest.

Speaking of repeals, dropping a note to your legislators suggesting that the laws in question ought to be repealed probably wouldn't hurt. Legislators count on voters having short memories and the 14 elections are currently 14 months off so there may be some truth to this. The other thing is that in the '14 general elections, the Institutional Vote Fraud Act of 2013 (HB 1303) will be in full force making the unseating of incumbents even more difficult. Still it wouldn't hurt to remind your legislators, at least some of them, that the only reason they weren't on a recall ballot was that their constituents were unable to get the minimum number of signatures to put them there in the allotted time. Their names WILL appear on the ballot next year without any such help.

Along that line, an update to the bill would be in order*. I would suggest that if the all-mail-in format is to be kept, a complete cleansing of the voter rolls would be in order. Effective upon passage of the amendment to the Vote Fraud bill, all voter rolls in the state would be completely purged. Anyone wanting to vote in the '14 elections would be required to report in person to the county voter registration center serving them and present a government issued photo ID to re-register. Since all ballots will be effectively absentee, one size will fit all. Exceptions will be for anyone with a current address outside the state, such as active duty military and tax exiles. Those persons would have to send in a photocopy of a government-issued photo ID to be re-registered. Everybody would have about a year to get this done, so it's not a big imposition in return for cleaning up the rolls. One more item: Voter registration will END 10 days before the official election date. No walk in registration or gypsy voting. A failure to plan ahead on your part does NOT constitute an emergency on the part of the state. Election dates are published well in advance for your convenience.

While we're at it, how about if drivers licenses issued to illegal aliens be marked with a notation indicating that the holder, while allowed to legally operate a motor vehicle in this state, is currently a federal fugitive from the ICE and thus is not permitted to vote.

Update: Scott Gessler agrees.

Friday, September 13, 2013


Regarding the growing number of places now talking about breaking away from the states they currently belong to and forming new states: This list includes Northern California, Southern California, Northeast Colorado, and now Western Maryland.

This is probably a great example of why the founders did not want a democracy but preferred a federal republic. At the state level, one can vote with ones feet by moving out of poorly managed urban centers and taking businesses with you. "Drive a little, save a lot" advertising slogans is the indicator that the city has gone to the dogs. This is called "urban sprawl" and is detested by the tax-hungry urbanites who see this as an indication of wide spread runaway slaves.

The tendency toward poor municipal management grows with the sprawl until the large metro area achieves 51% of the population of the state at which point the outlying geographical 95% of the state starts talking secession. Western Maryland has now joined the ranks likely in an effort to escape from Baltimore, and can Illinois be very far from demanding the eviction of Cook County?

Even if the modern city-states were granted statehood, the concept would probably not fly as the metroplexes currently elect Democrats who can control the Senate (for the moment) and the newly formed states would likely be far more conservative.

May I suggest that a more federal composition might help. Let the state houses of representatives be elected on a population basis, but let senators be elected one per county to balance the mismanaged cities. Colorado's constitution decrees that all out state congressanimals be elected on a per capita basis, which means that the only difference between a Senator and a Representative is the size of the bribe they command.

I am not a political scientist, but rather a political guinea pig* upon which the scientists perform their experiments.

*There is a hierarchy of jobs related to research beginning at the top with "astronaut" and descending through "test pilot", "development driver", "guinea pig", and "lab rat". The difference between guinea pig and lab rat is that if the lab rat doesn't survive the experience, you don't care.

Colorado Recalls

Amidst all the commentary about the recall of 2 senators here I might add one more observation. The recalls were the work of plain old citizens, not some Committee For The Advancement Of Us with a lot of outside anonymous funding. Recalls were held against 2 pols because the other three citizens groups were not well enough organized to get the requisite number of signatures in the allotted time. Getting the signatures was the difference between 2 recall elections and 5 such events.

Note that the two pols recalled, one was very powerful and had backing from the highest levels and the other represented a district so Blue that no one remembers the last time a Republican ever represented it. This pretty much defines "impossible odds" and yet they lost.

Had all 5 petition efforts been successful we would probably be looking at the unseating of 4 if not 5 pols right now. Several Dems did us big favors by effectively writing the Republican ads for the next election. One sincerely hopes the Republicans will remember this and make use of the assistance come 2014.

Look for the Dems to lurch to the right at least until the next election is over. Remember they told us they weren't after our guns before the last election. Remember that you can't believe a thing they say.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

It's Getting Deep Around Here

So here's a song about too much water:

I've been looking for an excuse to put this up anyway.

At the rate they're going, chunks of Boulder will soon be located in Nebraska, which won't be all bad, at least from my point of view. In a state that gets 28" of precipitation a year, they're calling for 6-9 more inches overnight tonight. That's a lot of water.

I'm up on a hill so no fear there.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Colorado Model

By which the left claims they're going to turn Texas blue.

It seems to work like this:
1. Use vote fraud and suppression to get into power.
2. Gerrymander the state.
3. Chug a quart of Hubris.
4. Get served a heaping helping of Nemesis.

 On the right, the recipe for turning the varmints out seems to be to organize with your neighbors and do it yourself. Perhaps we need a political party that would at least be willing to lend support to undertakings like this.

Colorado Governor Drinks Fraccing* Fluid

Former brewpub owner and Colorado governor tried a shooter of fraccing fluid in a meeting with Haliburton and said:
Hickenlooper said: “He [Lesar] pulled a jar of frack fluid from his pocket, a jar of CleanStim. I asked him if I could take a swig. He asked me if I was serious. I said yes.
“I unscrewed the jar, took a swig, and while I’m not going to stand here and say that it’s something that I’d have with a steak, it went down easy enough,” Hickenlooper said.
Which brings us to the possible follow-up. How would the stuff work out when mixed with barley, malt, hops, and yeast and allowed to ferment? It hasn't been tried yet to my knowledge, but the advertising slogans would tend to run along the lines of:"Best fraccing beer you ever tried!".

Of course being made with fraccing fluid, the obvious by-product of drinking the stuff would be that you'd pee twice as much. Might make a good diet supplement to reduce your water weight. Governor Hickenlooper is not on record as having noticed this effect.

*Fraccing derives from the word "fracturing" which contains no k. A friend of mine who works for a company that makes the stuff assures me that this is how it's spelled in the industry. YMMV. Spell it any way you like.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Colorado Recall Elections

Time now 7:26. No results available, but the first lawsuit alleging irregularities has already been filed in Pueblo county. I'm hearing that Dem turnout was strong there, which makes sense in a strongly Dem district. I've also heard that Angela Giron is none too popular with her fellow Dems on account of several other votes she cast which would raise taxes and utility bills.
In El Paso county turnout seems to be running 55/45 in favor of Republicans assuming the independents break proportionately. This bodes ill for Sen. Morse.

Morse concedes! Losing 52.3/47.6, with 83% reporting he gives up. One down.
Giron losing. 56.9/43. 25% reporting . Doesn't look good here either.

With 43% reporting Giron margin holding at  56.9/43. At this point, I'd say Giron was toast.

Giron 62% in 59.8/40.1. Giron is out
Morse 100% in 50.9/49  Morse has conceded.

Congratulations folks, we're 2 for 2 barring Sen Morse finding 400 ballots in his favor in the trunk of a '71 Cad Eldorado parked down by the river side under a bridge.

Musical Interlude

D'Wife likes metal music, but usually only if it includes a bagpipe. O.K. this isn't metal, but it's so seriously silly it appeals to the Mad Scientist in me:

There, now wasn't that refreshing?

Monday, September 9, 2013

Gun Blogger Rendezvous - Things I Did Not Know

The original plan was to ride out to GBR on the Amtrak, see the nice scenery, and arrive relaxed. As we all know, if you fly with guns, they go in checked luggage and need to be inspected by the TSA Kabuki Security Department. No sweat.

Did you know that if you intend to put a firearm into your checked luggage on the train, it has to be declared 24 hours in advance? And if you don't, you can't get on the train? And that if your checked bag is over 50 lb, you can put 5 lb of ammo into your carry-on and no one checks it? And if you don't declare the firearms, no one checks that either?

Me neither.

This will all change the first time someone hijacks a train and crashes it down the wrong tunnel into the coal mine, killing all those miners, or forces the engineer to divert to Cuba. I admitted to having guns in my checked luggage and they refused to let me board.

Also the "train station" in Denver is not the standard Union Station it's been since the railroad came here, but has been moved to a temporary location about a mile away. Been there 3 years now, I'm told. The Denver trolley car goes there if you know which changes to take, but not very often according to the schedule.

It cost me about twice the price of the train ticket to get an airline seat and arrive about 12 hours sooner. D'Wife even insisted I buy the ticket and get out of the house. Also there's a courtesy shuttle between the hotel and the airport. Definitely worth it.

If you write your U.S. congressanimal and ask him or her to defund the ATF, feel free to include Amtrak on the hit list.

Reno was under a cloud of smoke the whole time from the Rim and American fires.

 Much like Denver earlier this year. Reno is also in a region of low, mostly bare mountains so you don't have to go very far to find an appropriate back stop for a gun range although the best places for developments seem to be near gun ranges and airports.

Elizabeth and I tried to walk a shot onto the 400 yard gong at the Washoe county range with my .22 pistol, but a lack of dust (!) near the gong kept us from succeeding. I did get one shot within 6 ft of it before loseing the markers though. Not bad for a Ruger Mk 1.

Molly showed us how to shoot steel with a revolver. Here's Liz and Molly:

Molly is a big fan of Starbucks. Consensus was that she'd had enough.

Mr C is rolling out the International Steel Shooters Ass'n which will sponsor steel matches with a broader scope than the current Steel Challenge. Think double taps, some movement, and team competitions along the lines of the shotgun work from Top Shot.

Tactical Solutions showed off a Buckmark and a Ruger, both with a serious mix of bling and utility:

The Gun Auction folks brought out a bowling ball mortar to the Fernley range, which is the Fernly Vally Gun Range, Drag Strip, Oval Track, and Road Course. Those folks know how to have fun, no?
Keewee loading the mortar. 1500 gr of 2f will get you about 450 yards at that elevation. The gun uses shotgun primers to get it started.

O.C.A.T. brought their shooting system which features a laser mounted inside a DA automatic, a target on the wall, and a camera to watch the target. Your shot on the target is recorded along with times between shots, score, wobble variation as you were shooting, a time limit you can set for however many shots, and a bunch of other features.  This rig allowed us to have a Top Shot Pistol Elimination match in the hotel ballroom without bothering the Corvette owners gathering in the next room. Alas, I got eliminated while trying to make the final four. This thing will also watch real bulletholes in a paper target for you and locate the holes to some very small tolerance. Put an optic on the spotting camera and it can do this from the bench out to 100 yards. Put the camera and optic up to 100 yds away from the target, out of the line of fire, and add a wireless transmitter and it can do this out to about a mile and a half. Starting price was in the $450-$500 range. I want one.

Keep checking back here. I have pictures which I haven't sorted out yet.
Update: Added pictures and a bit more commentary. RTWT. There will be a test after.

Colorado Recalls - Vote Fraud and Dirty Tricks

The last day of the recall elections is tomorrow, and of course the standard Dem procedure of uprooting opposition signage is in full swing along with student volunteers delivering ballots 10 at a time to the polls.

Bearing and a video report.

Just so everyone knows, it is still legal to go down to Colorado Springs and vote there, then proceed to Pueblo and vote again. You must be a Colorado resident for the last 22 days, and have the address of a home for sale in the district you intend to vote in to establish intent. You can always change your mind later of course.

Update: Sen Morse is whining that the opposition is using dirty tricks, like soliciting signatories to the recall petitions.  He's one to talk. He wrote the vote Fraud Institutionalization bill that allows people from all over the state to drop into his district, vote, and move on to Angela Giron's district and vote again. Legally. Come on John, Mikey Bloomberg gave you enough money to charter enough buses to bring in enough votes to carry this election. If you blow this, he'll not give you any more.

QOTD - Legislative Dunce List

From the Washingtom Times:

Ms. Hullinghorst said last week that firearms ownership is redundant because the state Legislature keeps citizens safe from harm.“As a woman, I have the right not to carry a gun and to feel safe on the streets, and that’s what we provide for in the state Legislature is for all of us in the state of Colorado — to feel safe on the streets without having to carry a gun the thought that the only way we can protect ourselves is to wield our own weapon is completely absurd and an argument that I absolutely discount as frivolous,”

Colorado House Majority Leader Dickey Lee Hullinghorst
The constitution notes that we all have a right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness". Implied there is the right to defend these rights.


And related economic issues. The BLS is reporting 7.3% unemployment which would be a continuation of their reported decline in unemployment.

Meantime, via Hot Air:
The number of planned layoffs at U.S. firms surged in August to their highest in half a year, with industrial goods manufacturers the hardest hit, a report on Thursday showed.
Employers announced 50,462 layoffs last month, up 33.8 percent from 37,701 in July, according to the report from consultants Challenger, Gray & Christmas.
The August job cuts were up 57 percent from the same time a year ago. For 2013 so far, employers have announced 347,095 job losses, close to the 352,185 that were seen in the first eight months of last year.
And via Gallup,

% Payroll to population% Underemployed% Unemployed

So who 'ya gonna believe, the gummint, or your lyin' eyes?

Update: Mike Shedlock has the time and resources to pursue this in great detail. More here.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Posting Next few Days

I will be at the Gun Blogger Rendezvous for the next few days so posting will likely be non-existent.

I'll try to bring back lots of pictures and maybe some swag.

Back Tuesday.

Recall Elections

Just got back from a meeting with the state NRA reps looking for help with the upcoming elections. They need people to make calls, 25 at a time only, walk neighborhoods, watch polls 2 hours at a time or more if you can, etc., etc.

These elections are being watched all the way up and the result will be a bellwether on the gun control issue in the '14 elections. A win for our side will take a lot of wind out of the DNS's sails. A loss will prove that Mike Bloomberg can buy any result he wants and until his money runs out, that will be quite a lot.

To find out what you can do in the next 6 days, go here and click on the megaphone in the upper right corner. Right now we need boots on the ground.

The other side is outspending us, having several billionaires available to them, and OFA will be busing some 250 of their people from Boulder to do the same work this weekend. It is widely suspected that some of them may try to vote as well while they're there although the election commission there is on to the possibility and will be watching for it. I am also told that the standard for getting a gypsy ballot has been raised a bit as well.

We aren't asking for money right now, just warm bodies. If we haven't learned anything else in the last 5 years, we should have learned that if you don't get out the vote, you lose. What else are you doing this weekend anyway?

Update: Then again, the bar for gypsy voting may not have been raised at all. The Independence Institute is pointing out that it may in fact be legal for anyone who has been in Colorado for 22 days to vote in both recall elections.

Bullet Pullers

I have a bunch of 223 that needs some rework involving pulling the bullets, so I borrowed a collet-type puller from a friend. He doesn't like it, saying that it marks up the bullets when the collet closes on them and I can have it for a very reasonable price if I like it.

I very much like it. One thing though is that the collets are sized in calibers and the one I need is .223. Unfortunately the collet seems to be .220 which means the bullet sticks in it when I pull the bullet out. The solution is to add an ejector to the assembly:
Not shown is the housing, which fits into the reloading press. The collet, on the right, is drawn up into the housing when you tighten the handle, on the left, and grips the bullet. Lower your reloading press, and voila, the bullet slides out of the case. The black insert was made from plastic, 3/16" dia on the small end, and 5/16" dia on the large end, but a 10-24 x 3/16L socket head screw would do just fine. Use a plastic one and drill a very small hole into the tip to avoid marking the bullet tip. The spring is a 5/16 dia, .032 wire compression spring from Ace Hardware cut to about 1/2"long.

When the handle is loosened, the insert pushes the bullet free of the collet into your waiting hand. Speeds things up immensely and avoids marking the bullets.

Dems Blame Giron Defeat On Manly Men

O.K. so she hasn't actually lost yet, but that's the way the Giron folks are spinning the course of the recall election six days in advance.

The Daily Beast suggested Monday that if Colorado state senator Angela Giron loses in the coming recall election spurred by gun control legislation, it could be because the state's Democrats are not zealous to defend a woman.
We already know that the Dems are no fans of letting women defend themselves. I suppose that if the Dem men were just a bit more girly, they'd be down in Pueblo walking the precincts, manning femming the phone banks, and assuring the election commissioners that they really, really intend to move to Angela's district almost any day now, so gimmie a ballot please.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

QOTD - Gun Law

 Dianne Feinstein: "All vets are mentally ill and government should prevent them from owning firearms"
Thursday, 29 Aug, in a meeting in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. 
 She was in Colorado recently campaigning for our Dem Representatives. I wonder if the local Republicans will think it gauche to bring this bit up. They are frequently too polite to say anything that might reflect badly on an opponent except in a primary.

Update: When something sounds a bit too good to be true, you should check carefully first, which I didn't. Per Fact
Q: Did Sen. Dianne Feinstein say all military veterans are mentally ill and should not be allowed to own guns?
A: No. She said veterans should not be exempt from her proposed assault weapons ban, citing post-traumatic stress disorder as a concern. She did not say all veterans suffer from PTSD or that all veterans should not own guns.
 So what she was proposing was that due to the high likelihood of vets suffering PTSD, they should not be exempted from a proposed AWB which had been written to exempt retired police and military vets. It's not quite the same thing as saying vets are all crazy. Not quite.

Monday, September 2, 2013

The Future Of Transportation - More Trikes - Speed Limits

In Merrie Olde England trikes are pretty much all kit vehicles. The Morgan is a production vehicle sticking as closely as possible to the design of the original. Most of the others are variations on the 1950 Morgan theme with a couple of Can-Am like motorcycle conversions.

The article almost has enough information to be useful, but actual performance info was skipped in the interest of brevity. No 0-60 times, quarter mile times, fuel economy info or skid pad data. Just price and a website pointer although I suppose some of the sites would have at least some of that information.

The Telegraph did manage to assemble some 11 marques for comparison and mentioned that others were unavailable for testing. This is most likely attributable to very low production numbers. Interesting to note at least is that every one of the modern trikes is of the 2-in-front type. At least the basic design error of the Reliant Robin is not being replicated.

The speed limits are in proposed E.U. regulations to reduce auto-related fatalities by electronically limiting the top speed of vehicles to 70 mph. FWIW, a lot of U.S. built vehicles already have electronic speed limiting at about (+/-???) 110 mph. This wonderful safety feature is not generally advertised as it's not actually required in the U.S. and in at least one case it's there to keep the vehicle from self-destructing if it's driven very much faster than this.

Like most laws restricting the peasantry, I expect this one will include exceptions for police, military, and high government officials.

Governor Bashes Peasants

Peasants, in turn, are revolting.

Gov Chickenpooper has come out firmly opposed to "outside special interests" like his own constituents and in favor of locally popular interests like Mayor Bloomberg, denouncing the recall elections against two senators.
The former Brewery owner then had the audacity to say that the legislation was truly inconsequential in the long run, given that it only places “modest restrictions on future sales of high capacity gun magazines.” Apparently, to Democrats, the outright ban of any transfer, sale, or future possession of any high capacity magazine is merely a “modest restriction.” By that logic, the petitioners who are trying to recall the Democrat State Senators are merely trying to “modestly restrict” the remainder of their terms.
Keeping in mind that once the camels nose of "high" capacity is established, it's relatively easy to amend word four of subsection eight of paragraph C from "fifteen" to "one".

Click the link and RTWT. As Mr. Schaus notes, tossing politicians out is, after all, only a "modest restriction" on their arrogance and deafness to their constituents.

September E-Postal

The oily boid gets the woim, I guess:
This month is the Jiffy-Lube Special. 12 total rounds to save ammo, and 1 point per can unless you hit the dark band, then it's 2 points. 2 shots per can limit. See the complete rules and download the target at TrueBlueSams.

Happy Labor Day

While you're out there contemplating what your next job might be or if there will actually be a next job, imagine this:

Fast food workers are out in front of their various emporiums demanding a doubling of their wages while inside Bender, R2D2, and C3PO are filling out job apps.

All they need are software upgrades and occasional oil changes. The sign inside says that employees are required to use FDA certified food-grade lubricants before returning to work. Periodic visits to the high intensity U.V. "tanning booth" are also required.

Keep in mind folks that even though you may place a high value on yourself, if you can be replaced with a few lines of code and a couple of servos for less than that, you will be. Free advice: So far, robots cannot write their own code and while they can replicate themselves after a fashion, they can't yet develop upgrades to the existing designs.

Major in engineering while they still can't.
Update: Added Pic.