Friday, October 4, 2013

Even More Anarchy!

Go to the HHS web page and try to buy Obamacare and you may also be offered various retail goods. HHS says those pages aren't supposed to be there but is seems it wasn't hard for someone to tack them in. If you do manage to get to a website that offers to help you get insurance, be sure to check the url at the top of the page. urls with .ru, .ch, .ni, or other such suffixes are probably not from the U.S. government.

Possibly related; The government weather control machines that keep things comfortably warm have been left unattended and have broken down. Yesterdays 70's and sunny have given way to todays 40's and snow. Al Gore call your office.

It has been reported that the wolves imported from Canada to replace the native ones hunted to extinction locally, have not been fed their daily ration of Scooby Snacks by the Federal Bureau of Land Management's Department of Pestiferous Wildlife and are gathering in packs in front of grade schools. Of course this could just be an extension of the first lady's plan to improve the health of children as the kids won't have to run faster than the marauding wolves, just faster than Fat Albert.

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