Tuesday, October 15, 2013

QOTD - Popularity

In the unlikely source department I stumbled across this:
Recent polls show that Congress is still slightly more popular than the Taliban with most Americans, but analysts warn that, "The numbers are fluid and the Taliban is creeping up. We think that people appreciate that at least the Taliban is honest about wanting to destroy America. If the House of Representatives would just come clean, they might get a little boost."
                                                                Dr Cosmo Fishhawk
Notwithstanding the obvious leftward tilt of the commenter, one could easily remove the reference to the House and insert any of the multitudinous factions that call D.C. home. I attribute the president's surprisingly high approval rating, 37% last I looked, to his remarkable ability to warm the chief executives seat without actually doing anything of an executive nature, thus avoiding the blame when it goes south on him.

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