Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Recall Too - Part 2 - Days Of Whine And Roses

The Dems are weighing in on the recall effort against Evie Hudak, and predictably they do not approve. Since the recall of Senate president John Morse and Sen Angela Giron, the Senate, still controlled by the Dems, if only by a single vote, has elected new leadership moving it slightly further to the left than it was before.
"Personally I don’t think a recall mechanism is the best way for us to resolve our policy differences,” newly elected senate president Morgan Carroll (D-Aurora) said.
One Democratic senator called the attempted recall, ridiculous. Another, Matt Jones (D-Longmont) says it’s a tactic out of the Washington playbook.
I did not realize that Washington used this tactic. Of course the accepted method for resolving policy differences is to listen to both sides and work out acceptable compromises. This year the Dems simply ignored their constituents and rammed through whatever they pleased in forms that would get a failing grade in a High School civics class.

At some point it may be possible to convince this crew that Mike Bloomberg, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden are not their constituents and the angry peasants at the gate need to be listened to. Or not. Losing Sen Hudak in a recall would switch the Senate to Republican control. In event of a recall however, Sen Hudak can be tossed under the bus and replaced by another reliable party hack who will do as they are told, and the election would be called off. Using this method, the Dems could protect their majority until the 2014 elections and rely on the Vote Fraud Act of 2013 to keep them there indefinitely.

I heard an address last night by Matt Crane, Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder, who spoke on the implications of the new election law. Several questions were asked about vote fraud. He answered that up to now it was not easy but not impossible by any stretch. Finding a fraudulently cast ballot is one thing. Finding the person who cast it is something else. On a happy note, some who have tried this were caught and are currently doing time for it. The county prosecutor takes a dim view of the practice.

Under the new law with a bit of preparation it becomes very easy and much more difficult to catch. In some cases, it's possible to find that a ballot was improperly cast after the fact, but impossible to trace it to the person who cast it or prevent it from being counted.

Take your pick; Either the law was written by a drooling moron, or it was written by a Machiavellian who hoped no one would be looking.

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