Saturday, October 19, 2013

Vote Fraud

Want to vote multiple times in the current off year election? Here's how to get started. Lots of ballots are available in the mail rooms of large apartment complexes as one was sent to everyone who ever voted, and if there's a question, a letter is sent out asking for authentication of the voters existence.

A word of warning: The return envelopes are signed by the voter, whose signature is on file with the county clerk. When received, all signatures are compared. If they don't look enough alike, the ballot is side tracked and a letter is sent out asking the voter to confirm his or her existence. If the letter doesn't come back, the ballot is not counted.

Of course if the signatures are close enough, it gets counted. If you get caught, you'll go to jail. If you spend $.65/envelope to mail the ballots in, the odds of you getting caught are essentially zero.

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