Sunday, October 27, 2013

CCW - Ranking The States

G&A magazine has published a comparative ranking of the states with respect to their various CCW laws. Not surprisingly D.C. finishes last with a score of zero. It's also the only place to pull down this number. CA, HI, NJ, and NY finish out the bottom five.

I put the scores into a spreadsheet to see how the numbers broke out and while the rankings are not without their flaws, the question to be answered here is probably "Compared to what?".

If you can't locate your state here, go to the G&A article to see what your score was. Sliding down the slope from right to left, the last two >60 scores before the abyss were NM at 62 and CO at 63. IL got 50 which rather surprised me. AZ holds down the top of the list.

The graph suggests that while 70 is indeed better than 68, the big drop happens at 60. If your state is doing better than that, you're on the happy side of the list.

H/T to No Lawyers - Only Guns And Money for the lead.

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