Monday, October 28, 2013

The Future Of Transportation - 2 Extremes

Here's a "car" that starts out at 110" long and folds up to 70 inches presumable so you can get 2 of them in a one-car garage. Since it's an electric with a top speed of 37mph and a 60 mile range, it's more of a novelty than a real contender. In parts of the country where golf carts make up a significant part of the traffic, this might make sense. Still I have visions of grandma pushing the "fold" button before first exiting the vehicle.....

The other one is a trike, 2 in front, and Suzuki Hyabusa in the back.
The bhp for the Hyabusa is in the 150-200 bhp range. Weight is same as the Elio but is has no top/heater. Nice styling though. With a top it would look even more like a scaled down Viper.Go here to read the rest.

Took my first commute to work today since Jan 31. Overcast, 40 deg, drizzle. I'll take the Elio. I have a friend who can add a turbo.

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