Saturday, September 16, 2017

Gun Laws

The Hearing Protection Act has been included in the SHARE act and has been voted out of committee. Dems are attempting to block by demanding further committee hearings although this is rated as unlikely to happen.

HR 38, the CCW recip act has 212 co-sponsors which speaker Ryan doesn't think is enough so he's not bringing it to the floor for a vote. I didn't realize that Ryan was an anti-gunner.

Text of the bill is here.

Couple of notes on HR38:
You may carry your carry gun wherever you go as all states right now have statutes allowing for concealed carry. Some just don't issue the permits (may issue).

“(2) The term ‘handgun’ includes any magazine for use in a handgun and any ammunition loaded into the handgun or its magazine.

So this gets around New Yawks SAFE act and NJ's hollow point ban. Good. Don't expect many votes from the Dems from there.

UPDATE: Revised to reflect more careful reading of the bill text. Thanks to Richard for pointing this out.

Minor Project

Found this powered golf caddy on Craigslist at a very reasonable price and thought it might make the basis for a fighting robot. I also thought it might make several other things, say an electric tricycle.
Came with battery and charger. The handle and front wheel extension are easily removable. Adding a small bicycle to this isn't very hard and can be done on either end of the bike. Putting the caddy on the bike as a replacement for the rear wheel makes a conventional trike, the disadvantage is that it's a rigid frame and a bit top-heavy. One could also use the caddy as the front wheels if a steering head is mounted under the bottom bracket which would allow the bike frame to lean when steering the machine. The disadvantage here is the relative complexity of the thing. I went with the easy route

Added support plates and an axle to hang the small bike on and voila!
 The bar on the bottom is to keep the assembly from folding itself up.
 Big wide "racing " slicks.
Speed control moved to the handlebars and off we go. Only problem so far is the rather modest (abt 6 mph) top speed since the caddy was intended for use by a walking golfer. The gearbox is a proper marvel with 2 stages of quiet running helical-cut gears.
Changing the speed would entail finding 4 new gears (expensive) or replacing the gears with sprockets and chains, which seems a lot easier and less expensive. Additionally there's the possibility of replacing the heavy 12V lead-acid battery with some 18V lithium units from a cordless drill or something. This cart is an old one and the company has upgraded to Li batteries. The new battery pack is expen$ive.

At this point I haven't much into it and could probably sell it as a kid's toy. Alternatively I could just sell the bike and continue with the original plan for a fighting robot. We'll see.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Gun Laws

From the Colorado RKBA newsletter I get:
Meanwhile: ...In New Jersey, we have worked to pass some of the toughest gun-control legislation in the country, and we cannot afford to have those efforts rolled back by an overreaching federal law that would put the safety of our citizens and law enforcement officers in jeopardy. In a nation where many of our elected officials are in the pocket of the National Rifle Association, buying a gun has become as easy as walking down the street and buying a gallon of milk. Because many of our lawmakers refuse to stand up to the NRA, we have experienced a slow and dangerous creep of access to tools that are being used to compromise our community and law enforcement. This federal [“reciprocity”] bill would be another vehicle that would allow special interests to sell more guns in a nation where 300 million firearms are already in circulation. This makes me [Louis Cappelli Jr.] sick... (It's unclear whether Cappelli is in Bloomberg's pocket or is an unpaid disciple but his figures certainly reek of Bloomberg sourcing. In the Garbage State, a freeholder – Cappelli's title – is a county legislator.)

This is unconscionable. Just the other day I drove 1/2 mile to a store and bought  1/2 quart of milk, checked it in the self-serve lane where even a 6-pack of weak beer will bring a clerk to check my ID and paid for it with no questions asked at all. No photo ID and no background check at all. I demand that my state legislators immediately write a strongly worded letter to both my municipal  and county police demanding that the store manager and the clerk on the self-serve line be arrested. If we don't act now to close the milk store loophole, the next thing you know people will be buying full gallons or even the deadly frozen varieties including the notoriously armor-piercing Rocky Road and giving it to children. Right now you can drive to Kansas or Nebraska where there are no shopping cart limits, buy all the milk you want, and legally transport it back into Colorado. You can even get the notoriously smooth and quiet Buttermilk without having to pay the $200 federal tax or submitting your fingerprints to the ATF.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Hurricane Season

Hurricane Jose seems to be circling aimlessly out in the Atlantic.

Someone must have told him we were checking papers now.

Monday, September 11, 2017

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Can The National Guard Take Your Guns?

Maybe. In the US Virgin Islands that's what the governor has authorized the guard to do in order to make sure the guard has an adequate supply of guns and ammo to keep order through the upcoming hurricane.

I'm having a hard time seeing this as any sort of necessity at all. The guard is equipped with the usual armament in 9mm, .223, and 12ga and shouldn't lack for any of this. The guard is also limited to some fixed and modest number of people, all of whom live in the soon-to-be-affected areas.

Somehow I'm seeing this as creating a safe working environment for the looters.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Greasy Easter Egg Hunt

What D'wife calls a trip to the junkyard looking for parts. In today's case it was a front axle for a 2000 jeep belonging to a friend and a couple of small marker lights for me. Took us 1-1/2 hours from walking in to pushing the wheelbarrow out in 90 degree weather. Definitely greasy too.

He'll need to replace a couple of parts before installing it into his Jeep, but at this point that's a bench job. I removed the old "black out" markers from my car, which certainly lived up to the description, and slipped the "new" ones in. It seems the new ones don't light up either so more troubleshooting is in the works.

This morning the sun was a dim red ball rising in the East. This afternoon it was a dim orange ball shining through the smoke from the fires in Wyoming. This evening my neighborhood looks like the fires must be in the next block or something.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Having It Both Ways

A microwave that can warm your pizza AND chill your beer. There's hope for the 21st century after all.

New Frontiers In Marketing Fake News

I was subscribed to an offshoot of the Washington Post, referred to in some circles as the National Laughingstock. This also gets me a news (?) letter called the Post Most, presumably hot topics from the paper. If I want to persue one of the articles, a click transfers me to their sign in page which offers me 2 social media subscription models and a login button in case I'm already registered, which I am.

Click the login button and I'm transferred to yet another page trying to sell me something I don't want, and still not a sign of the article I wanted to read or a path to it.

Today I gave up. If they don't actually want me to read their rag, then fine, I unsubscribed it. Seems counter productive to getting their messages out though.

Friday, September 1, 2017

The Past Of Transportation - Zebra 3

'76 Gran Torino, parked in front of my friendly local mechanics place. Complete with the dash light.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Kims Rocket Launches - What's Missing

Launch after launch with all Kims rockets landing solidly in the water and the latest doing so after managing to miss Japan, a large target and not far away.

What I'm noticing is that there never seems to be a target, even a derelict ship or a wayward barge to act as a bulls eye for all these rocket launches. Of course it might be caution on the part of Kims rocket scientists. Bad enough when the rocket explodes prematurely without the additional embarrassment of the inert warhead landing a couple hundred miles off target. Best to tell the boss that the impact was perfect. We were aiming for the exact spot in the middle of the ocean that it came down on.

Kim has more launches scheduled, with the Pacific Ocean the designated target. Watch the news to see if there is so much as a rowboat within 200 miles of the impact points.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Transportation Bargains

In addition to flood damaged cars soon to hit the market from Houston, you might also be able to score a deal on a slightly used airplane:
Low mileage, well maintained, always hangered...

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Aluminum Cased Ammo

I have nothing in particular against the stuff, indeed my carbine shoots its smallest groups using Blazer aluminum cased 180 grain ammo. The issue here is that when using this stuff in a carbine, the pressures are higher. As an example I recorded 1400 fps from the above mentioned Blazer, a boost of 250-300 fps over what I'd see from my pistol.

The extra  velocity means extra strain on the cases and for 2 of the 15 I shot last weekend, it was a bit too much.

When this happened I noticed a bright flash from the ejector port and picked up a black powder stain on my index finger. I was pulling the trigger with my middle finger as I'm missing a bit of my trigger finger. Interesting pattern, no?

I was recording all my muzzle velocities but didn't think to note which shots were the ones on the blown out cases. Checking the numbers however I see that all the velocities were very consistent around 1403 fps except for two at 1382 and 1375. So not much loss but noticeable if you're looking.


"Little tomatoes" as they are called go well in salsa and the like. While walking the dog I happened on a small patch of them next to the park lake.

Click to enlarge and note the seed pods, about an inch in diameter
Inside is a single pea-sized fruit.
Sorry for the fuzzy pic. Should have used a tripod. Diced up, these things are an essential ingredient in salsas. In a sloppily assembled burrito out on a fishing trip, dribble the filling out onto the ground and they sprout enthusiastically and seem to require little more than sunlight to thrive.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Privatizing Tyranny

I was reading a QOTD on Samizdata when I was struck by the realization that the much feared tyanny of Big Brother is happening, not so much from our elected officials, but through acquiescence on the part of the public to allowing private enterprise to do the dirty work for them.

You can't attack the LGBTEIEIO community yourself, but there's a large death cult which is actively being supported by the community that actively supports putting them to death in very photogenic manners.

It would be a violation of the first amendment to silence the speech of anyone simply because you disagree with them, and congress is forbidden from making laws to that effect, but if a private company, say Times Corp or Google decides that some ideas do not rate coverage, than it will be as if they never existed.

If you think that some groups either need support or just bear watching and you want to donate money to them you can of course, just not through Pay Pal which has a position opposing the second amendment and supporting violent jihad.
UPDATE: This move attracted so much bad publicity that Pay Pal has lifted their ban. For now anyway.

I guess the new MO is not to pass laws but to allow private industry to effectively ban or promote certain favored behaviors.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Entrepreneurialism - How It's Done

Here's a clip from Jay Leno's Garage on the Vanderhall Venice vehicle which is being produced in a small factory in Provo Utah by some 32 people at a rate of 500/year.

Compare and contrast this to the Elio, which while not as fast or sporty, seems a lot more practical. Sorry, I can't find any of their videos. Total production for Elio in the last 5 years has been limited to 5 or 6 prototypes and a bunch of press releases. They have a stake in a factory building in Louisiana big enough to support a space program in which nothing is being produced.
Vanderhall says they plan to expand next year to produce 1000 vehicles/year.

If you're going to be an entrepreneur, item 1 on your list is to get your product out in front of the public, even in small quantities.

Gun Fun - Hi Point 4095

The latest iteration of my ongoing quest to tighten up the manufacturing slop in an otherwise nice gun.
I take full credit for that flyer at 6 O'clock. The other 3 shots were done without any funky outside help and according to my scoring overlay represent a group of just barely over 1 MOA. I had known the gun to be capable of less than 2 MOA as I shot several groups with it by mounting a pistol scope to the barrel alone. The issue has always been the attachment of the bolt shroud to the action via 2 floating pins.
I removed the pins and pressed 2 threaded inserts into the action, removed the swinging pin catches and pressed steel inserts into the plastic stock. The screws over the brass washers hold the bolt shroud solidly against the action with no clearance or funky floating doohickeys to introduce error.

Shot at 25 yd as that was all I had available on short notice. I'll get out to the longer ranges pretty soon. Also I find the gun isn't impressed with my low recoil 165 gr handloads and definately likes the much hotter Blazer 180 gr stuff.

The Lefts Battle Plan?

Peter at Bijou Renaissance Man has a good post up analyzing the tactics the left is using in Charlottesville and other places.

Paul (in comments) is taking it to the next level which is a government sponsored conspiracy. Unfortunately this is a very short step. The left is probably ecstatic over finally finding an issue that will bring the right out onto the streets where they can be goaded into violence in their own defense. Similar to the Muslims, they carefully escalate the violence against the citizenry until someone hits back, then the wailing about oppression begins and the press repeat it unquestioningly. This technique is serving the Arabs in Israel well to the point that their productions are commonly referred to as Paliwood Studios starring such regulars as Flat Fatima and the perpetually dead child.

Best approach by the right would probably be to follow Gandhi's nonviolent approach and let the brownshirts severely injure or even kill a few of them, and wait for the next election. The police do what the chief tells them to do and the chief does what the Mayor tells him to do. Everyone knows this.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Japanese Beetles - 2

Took the buoy mentioned below out to the local pond and tossed it in. The anchor line is about 6 feet and to judge by the movement of the buoy the lake is only 3-4 feet deep 20 feet out.
The wind was pretty strong, about 7-10 mph blowing straight in at me so the trap was immediately surrounded by a cloud of bugs. Unfortunately all the usual wildlife was hanging out of the far shore so the beetles slowly blew to the near shore. After an hour or so a lone duck came by to see if I'd feed it. I tossed it a couple of beetles and it quickly found the washed up ones. An hour later the duck and all the bugs were gone. Looks promising so far.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Revising History

There's a joke that describes a Russian citizen being asked by a reporter if he was worried or confused by the future. He answers "No, the future is fixed and secure. It's the past that keeps changing." Here's the definitive example
Today we do this sort of thing in the U.S. by removing any mention of things the left wants forgotten. These links from Drudge today:

Kentucky Mayor: Confederate Monuments Will Be Moved...
Protesters Aim at Tennessee Capitol Bust...
Gainesville takes down...
Vandalized in Atlanta...
Baltimore statues to be destroyed...
Monument toppled at old NC courthouse...
WIRE: Charlottesville Just The Beginning...

The new improved history will show that the Republicans supported slavery and the Democrats abolished it in 1964 when LBJ signed the emancipation Proclamation and the Civil Rights Act of 1964. 

Those who do not study history will be doomed to repeat it. Those who do will be sent to the camps.

Thursday, August 10, 2017


In a motion to dismiss Sara Palin's suit for libel, the New York Times argues:
For example, the Complaint alleges that the allegedly false statement of fact that are the subject of the Complaint were contradicted by information already set forth in prior news stories published by the Times. However, these prior stories arguably would only evidence actual malice if the person(s) who wrote the editorial were aware of them.
Which claims that it's unreasonable to expect that the editors at the Times actually read their own paper. Not entirely implausible as the first rule in propaganda is to never begin believing your own propaganda.

This might fly a bit higher if the claim were worded differently. For example: We claim that since everyone knows that the Times is a premier source of fake news, the Complainant should have recognized that the statements concerning her were deliberately false and thus were not to be taken seriously.

See? Now that I could almost believe. It would also help if the paper being sued was the Onion instead of the New York Times.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A Well Laid Ambush At Google?

There is more background on the Damore kerfuffle at Google. Seems he may have already filed a complaint with the NLRB over the toxic situation there.
By firing James Damore, who apparently had filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board, Google may have created significant legal jeopardy for itself.
If he had already filed the complaint when he posted his missive, then it sounds like he's a very canny fellow who set up an ambush, then baited the company into charging in to it. It sounds like he had a pretty good case to start with but now it's just a matter of the size of the settlement, the trial being simply a formality.

There should be some kind of award, say the Mastodon, for getting your adversary to voluntarily jump into a deep pit filled with sharp sticks.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Law Prof Demands Role Play Regulation

A busybody law prof at George Washington U is demanding that the Federal government step in and begin regulating the use of silicone sex dolls.
Saying there’s evidence rape sexbots may significantly increase the chance of rape to real women, the law should “no longer stand by and blindly ignore a major potential problem by doing nothing,” he said in an email to The College Fix.
Sexbots, especially those which can be programmed to act as if they are being raped, and those which act and appear to be young children, are already here and in use, Banzhaf said.
“The obvious first step would be to have hearings and do studies to determine just how serious the threat is, whether there are any real benefits to having sexbots programmed to simulate being raped, and then what if any new laws, regulations, etc. might be appropriate,” he said.
So in the first paragraph he says there's evidence, but in the third, he seemingly refutes this and demands hearings and studies, presumably to gin up the desired evidence, a clarion call for junk science if ever I heard one.

Be interesting to see which lawmakers step up to get positions on the committees investigating the use of sex bots.

Noting that geneticists have discovered some 3 or 4 genes that make dogs friendly, I suspect that a similar number of genes will be discovered that compel people to obsessively try to micromanage other peoples affairs. I nominate Prof Banzhaf as a carrier of these genes. The disorder can be named for any famous person determined to be so afflicted. Ralph Nader or Dianne Feinstein come to mind although the possibility of getting the affliction named Banzhafs Syndrome might be enough to persuade the professor to join the study.

More EPA Fraud

It seems the EPA has been promulgating rules based on less than wonderful data. I'm shocked! Shocked! to hear that a trusted government agency would use dubious data to help justify its existence. And mushroom-like growth.

Toxicologist Albert Donnay says he’s found evidence a 1989 study commissioned by EPA on the health effects of carbon monoxide, which, if true, could call into question 25 years of regulations and billions of dollars on catalytic converters for automobiles.
OTOH I've been pointing out for years that the requirement for catalytic converters was based on the American auto industry's inability to meet the EPAs standards when the Japanese did it  without the use of a converter. The Japs simply designed a cleaner engine, while GM ran to congress and demanded that everyone be required to put a converter on their cars and pay GM a nice royalty for the privilege.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Food - Breakfast

I like an omlette for breakfast now and again, usually made with meat of some sort, hash browns, and cheese. One of these will keep me going until 2 PM easily. It also leaves me kind of logy if I don't have a non-stop project going.

Here's the solution: In a frying pan toss 1 strip of thick cut bacon or equivalent weight of other meat.
Add 3-4 tablespoons of this instead of any potatoes:
Note that they don't call it veggie mix or anything like that. It's "Bold Fiesta Protein".  The ingredient list is on the bag, just below the word Protein. In the lower right corner it notes that it must be cooked before using, so do that beforehand and store it in a container. Click the pic to make it readable.
Cook until the meat's done, add an egg, pre scrambled with Cholula sauce, and top with cheese. Serves one old guy.

Keeps me going until 2 pm and I never feel logy. Supposedly this stuff is better for you than potatoes but that can be adjusted with your meat selection. Delicious!

No one paid me for this endorsement. It's just too good not to share.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Japanese Beetles

These little pests are rapidly becoming a big deal around here, appearing in large numbers in some places and not at all in others. Along with this there is a thriving cottage industry in ways to get rid of them without resorting to nuclear weapons, which only help until the next generation of grubs emerges.

Larkspur greens puree'd into a "tea" kills the bugs. Can be made just like classic sun tea or in a blender but it is not recommended using the blender for foods after.

As a friend of mine commented, avoiding alkaloid poisoning is pretty high on my list. I think I'd try the pepper and garlic spray first. Or maybe the mint, pepper, and onion spray. Recipes for home made beetle toxins can be found here. I bet some of those home made toxins make the dead bugs mighty tasty. Feel free to try them and let me know.

Traps are popular but have the traditional drawback all traps for pests have in that they must first attract the pests. One fellow noted that placing a five gallon bucket under a bag trap resulted in about as many bugs in the bucket as in the bag, suggesting that the bugs aim, when falling into the bag, isn't very good. Anyway it still leaves the problem of what to do with large numbers of possibly not dead yet beetles. I flush mine down the toilet but be advised to do this when the bag trap in no more than 1/4 full. Dumping half a bag of beetles in the toilet looks like a Rhinoceros just had a bad case of diarrhea in your commode.

I'm trying to enlist the local parks and recreation dept in the battle by attaching the pheromone part of the beetle trap to a small buoy to be anchored out in the many small park ponds around here. The theory is that the large numbers of beetles the trap attracts will hit the trap and fall into the pond where the pond critters will find them tasty. Here's a model of such a buoy: It only requires a 1 L bottle with about 3/4 of a pound of ballast to hold it upright. Not shown is a hook on the bottom for the anchor string to keep the thing from blowing around.
Here's the finished prototype floating in a bucket. If you look closely you can see a couple of beetles already floating in the water.

Yes, it draws them in in great quantity. I'm estimating that this rig was getting about 1 bug/minute in my back yard.
 The arrangement on the right replaces the bag with a small do-it-yourself bucket containing about 1/2" of soapy water. A couple drops of dish soap as a wetting agent kills the varmints pretty quickly and it's easier to dump than the bag.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Say What You Want About Hillary...

...but she never fired anyone from her team.

Goes the tweet. Follow up tweets suggest that this nice feature contributed to her defeat. My observation is that the Clintons don't fire people. They have them Whacked.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Near-Clinton Experiences

Unlike near death experiences, the  near-Clinton ones are usually fatal with causes ranging from accidental to suicide-by-5-rounds-in-the-back.

In this case its Imran Awan, one of 3 Paki brothers who worked as IT managers for the DNC until they were implicated in a bank fraud caper and multiple government computers were found in Imran's apartment with smashed hard drives. The FBI has taken an interest in this and it seems that DWS was paying Imran $1270K/yr all the way up to his arrest as he was attempting to leave the country. As a side note, no one whose computer was associated with the Awan brothers wants to talk to the press amid speculation that classified data was transferred to a server in Pakistan and personal information on the congressional persons computer was being used to blackmail them. Imran was initially denied bail as he was considered a flight risk (ya think?), but this was waived provided he wears an ankle bracelet.

So the poll of the week is this:
What will happen to Imran in the next month or so?

1. He stays in town like a good boy until he's called to appear in court.

2. His bracelet is found in his apartment and his Tweets seem to originate in Pakistan.

3. His bracelet is found on his ankle when his body is found, a suicide from multiple gunshot wounds.

4. As above, but a victim of a botched robbery.

5. His bracelet ceases transmitting and neither he nor it are ever heard from again.

UPDATE: Option 6 may well be that Imran disappears and reappears in Pakistan. Seems the US attorney heading up the investigation into the affair is Steve Wasserman, Debbie's brother.

Extreme Anti-Smoking Policy

Jefferson County, just west of me, has gone all out to discourage smoking.
Things Jefferson County has:

✔️ A smoking area outside the courthouse

✔️ Rattlesnakes!

      A sense of humor

You can smoke, just don't expect to live as long as your non-smoking colleagues.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Hills New Book Title

She's calling it "What Happened" although there have been many suggestions, each better than the last, as to better titles.

Here's one that didn't get used: "Four and a Half Years of Struggle against Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice." A bit lengthy so it got shortened, thus this version is still available.

One of the short title suggestions was "Schlonged" so maybe we can start the rumor that lengthy title #2 above was the original working title, Much shorter title #3 was what it was shortened to, and title #1 was what the committee agreed upon once Her Inevitableness' drugs had kicked in.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Future Of Humanity - Rocket Fuel

What rocket fuel has the highest specific impulse? That is what fuel delivers the most bang for the buck? When I was in aerospace, the most popular mix was liquid Hydrogen and liquid oxygen. Since the question was asked, a couple experiments were done and slightly better performance was shown using liquid Fluorine and liquid Ozone.

People who know anything at all about those two chemicals are probably sidling away from the screen at just the thought of this stuff in tanks in any significant quantity. Nasty stuff.

Now we may have something better: Jargon and buzzwords. The right mix of these and I'm assured we're making relativistic speeds to the next solar system. I actually do follow the gist of this, and yes, it shows promise but when producing noticeable thrust requires more power than the entire world currently produces, your enthusiasm flags.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

You Can Lead A Pol To Congress...

...but you can't vote him a spine. Sen McConnell says he's 2 votes shy of passing Obamacare repeal. Pres Trump is suggesting the obvious path, to repeal Obamacare in its entirety and then allow the congress to create a committee to come up with a replacement. The snickering should start as soon as the word "committee" was spoken. Meanwhile, back at the ranch:

Friday, July 14, 2017

Polls - What Was The Question?

Trending right now is Trumps approval rating which is somewhere between 40 and 50%. Now how was the question asked?
So Trump is a brash, obnoxious New Yorker. So what? Most of us knew that when we voted for him. How's he doing other than that? Pretty well it looks like. Chart found here. RTWT.

Now go here and take a look at how CNN and WaPo do it.

Turn Over A Rock

And watch the critters scurry for new cover.

In the wake of Trumps request for state voter rolls, which are after all public documents, some 3400 voters have suddenly decided to un-register.

Now I admit that putting your publicly available information into yet another government database might open you up to another layer of junk mail from Nigerian princes and other neer-do-wells, but just think, you'd be participating in a national effort to insure that your vote is not cancelled by some unscrupulous cad with multiple registration. Unless....

Oh wait, I've been assured that this NEVER happens.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Making Crime Pay - Madison WI

The city of Madison is looking to implement a new gun buyback program that could make gun crime pay off twice.
The bounty program would specifically seek firearms that have been used to shoot into homes and vehicles or that were used in assaulting individuals, Soglin said. It would also allow informants to be paid confidentially and would not require an actual conviction to be made to receive the $1,000.
Let's say you're a reputable dealer in recreational pharmaceuticals, and your livelihood is being put at risk by some upstart who has moved his operation onto your favorite street corner. So you buy a gun from a burglar for $200, use it to reclaim your street corner, and give it to a confederate with no direct connection to your business, who then turns the "found" gun in to the cops for the $1000 bounty which he splits with you 60/40 which gives each of you $400 and covers your cost of the gun as well.

The cops are presumably happy as they have taken a crime gun off the streets, the original owner might be happy if the cops return the stolen gun to him, you and your confederate are happy, and the only unhappy person is the upstart drug dealer, but being dead, you can't really say if he's happy right now or not. A win all around, no?

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Bored? Try The Hillary Cure

Go here for a link to 28,882 of Hill's e-mails which you can peruse at your leisure or until you nod off as most of them are pretty dull. Still you need to refine a lot of dirt to get one ounce of gold.

Let me know if you find anything interesting.

CCW - Back To The Future

It is currently legal to openly carry a sword in Tennessee. Later this year it will become legal to do so in Texas. I suppose that the CCW version of this would be a sword cane which is currently illegal in a lot of places. Great I suppose if you're into swashbuckling in whatever form you like to do it, but swords require a good deal of training to use properly and let's face it, they don't work well at grappling distances.

I can't wait to see the new ATF rules on swords. Those with a length under 6 inches are considered knives and will not be regulated. 6-16 inches will be AOW's I suppose and subject to a $200 tax which will drive up the price of dirks, daggers, and Bowie knives. 16 to 30 inches will be considered a "sporting weapon" unless the blade is wider than 10% of the overall length in which case it will be an "assault sword" and subject to banning in some states. Likewise carrying a short sword along with a standard length one will be considered "high capacity" armament although it might be legal if your second blade is 6" long or less.

The Claymore will be classified as a "destructive device" and subject to the $200 tax stamp.

Monday, July 10, 2017

The End Of Global Warming

Michael Mann, who produced the famous "Hockey Stick" graph showing that we would all soon be done medium well unless taxes were raised to astronomical levels to fund more studies or something has been called out on the credibility of his data. Shown below are 2 versions of global temperatures over the last 1000 years.
Bit of a difference, eh? Note that Manns graph omits the well documented Medieval Warm Period as well as the Little Ice Age that followed it. Dr Ball has said that the difference between the 2 graphs has to be the result of deliberate book-cooking so Dr Mann sued him for libel.

In court, in the discovery phase, Dr Bell demanded that Mann produce all his data, sources, and methodology including analytical software. The judge agreed that this was a reasonable request. Mann has refused. Next stop: Jail for contempt of court. In any case, if the work had been legit, it presumably would have stood up to peer review, but at this point we have to take Dr Mann's word for it. M4GW's video pretty much sums it up:

If the video disappears or cannot be viewed, go here to see it. Stay on and there's a bowdlerized version that was produced when the thin skinned Dr Mann demanded the original be taken down.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Democrats Religion Problem

Here's an article by the same name that covers the Dems problems with religion in some detail. Most Dem candidates attend some sort of church just to convince the religious constituents that they aren't really anti-religious crypto-Stalinists, even if they do subscribe to the doctrine that religion is the opiate of the masses.

You'd think that with an observation like that, they would come up with an opiate of their own to keep the masses in line with. Mohamed did.

If you like your faith, you can keep your faith, as long as it doesn't conflict with the party faith. Historically religion is the source of moral and ethical guidance and has generally served that function well. The left has no morals or ethics which is why they find the presence of the 10 commandments in front of a government building to be creating a hostile work environment.

If you're a Christian and don't want to make a rainbow frosted wedding cake with 2 brides or 2 grooms on top, a very tiny fringe group can sue you into oblivion. A Muslim bakery would probably have the same problem with making the cake but you notice that they never seem to have any problems with the LGBTQ crowd, probably for much the same reasons that PETA doesn't protest the use of leather down at the biker bar.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Grasping At Straws - Paper Or Plastic

If this isn't the signature event marking the jumping of the Shark for the Envirowhackos, I can't quite imaging what would be. It seems the latest and no doubt greatest threat to Mother Gaia is straws, which of course need to be banned.

Next time you hear a greenie wailing about the imminent end of the world, ask him how the straw ban is coming and insist that that, as the greater threat, needs to be dealt with first.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Gun Law - Court Win

A win it is but to what end? A Federal judge in Texas has ruled that the part of the GCA-68 that forbids out of state gun sales is unconstitutional. His ruling, in order to actually mean anything must now pass muster in the Federal circuit court, then the SCOTUS. That's a long and winding road for sure.

A line or two of legislation would rectify the problem, perhaps attached to something else. It would fit nicely in the SHARE act, but that seems to be going nowhere so maybe onto something else. Maybe a bill naming a Post Office after Mad Maxine Waters.

Slogan Needed, Apply DNC

The Dems need a catchy slogan for the upcoming elections. Here's one they are considering:
Honest, they really are. They are soliciting suggestions right now.

The possibilities boggle the mind:
Democrats 2018 - Make America Venezuela
Democrats 2018 - California, Illinois, Venezuela
Democrats 2018 - Under 70 need not apply
Democrats 2018 - Free Stuff For Everyone
Democrats 2018 -Above the Crowd, Above the Law
Democrats 2018 -Help Keep Us Out Of Jail
Democrats 2018 -This Time Socialism Will Work
Democrats 2018 - Doing The Jobs Americans Don't Want Us To Do
Democrats 2018 -Ready For Hillary 2020
Democrats 2018 -History Will Absolve Us

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Gun Law - Lack Of Progress Report

The Hearing Protection Act, HR 367 in the House and S 59 in the Senate continue to languish in committees with no escape in sight. In the house the bill has 154 co sponsors and in the Senate, 17. That means 70% of a passing vote in the house and 34% of a passing vote in the Senate.

I'm told that a bill will get a vote in committee if 51% of the majority party shows support for it so the bill is over due in the house. To my observation, what happens is that 33% of republicans would vote for the bill if Trump tweeted support for it in a show of partisan support, 33% would vote against it because NeverTrump, and the remainder wouldn't vote for it because it didn't go far enough. Even if it included a grant of immortality to all who voted for it.

On a related note, the SHARE act, which includes the HPA and a bunch of other much needed gun law reforms, still has not been assigned a number in the house and as such represents legislative vaporware.

Keep bugging your congressanimals. When they feel the heat, they see the light.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Large Scale Shooting

‘Dispute’ at concert leaves 25 shot, 3 injured at Little Rock nightclub, Republican wack jobs blamed
Normally everyone who gets shot is listed as injured although some might get listed as "fatally injured". It's enough to make you wonder what the shooter or shooters were using, Nerf guns? It was a Hip Hop concert and someone has tweeted a suggestion that it was the fault of the NRA that the kids (all seemed to be under 20) had guns in the first place. No specific whack jobs were mentioned.

Related the NYT is reporting the action as taking place in Downtown Arkansas. Arkansas population, 2.98M is well under the population of NYC (8.49M) so assuming a place with about 1/3 the population of your town must have a downtown somewhere would be an honest mistake for a New Yorker.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Time To Take The Car Keys From Grandma

When she starts getting a little too jiggy.

OTOH Mad Maxie has been to that point for some time. I suppose the only way to fix this is to un-elect her, which in gerrymandered Cali may be never.

Cali Mag Ban Struck Down. Now What?

A Fedral judge in San Diego has struck down Cali's newest gun ban attempt ruling that a 10-round mag capacity limit infringes the 2nd amendment. Just shows what you can do with the right judge I guess. The 15 round limit here in Colorado has been upheld to the Colo Supreme court so far so maybe Cali should have stuck with the higher round count. OTOH it would be in keeping with the never-ending push to ban guns completely to think that if they can get away with 15 in CO, then why not go for 10 in Cali? If that stands, then next will be 5.

I'll pull out my cryatal ball of very questionable reliability and make a prediction:
The case will go to the 9th circus where the law will be upheld, even if they have to resort to an en banc ruling. Next up will be SCOTUS where it will be struck down.

One can hope.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Business Opportunity - D.C.

Jason Chaffetz, R-UT who resigned this week has suggested that housing for the members of Congress is sorely lacking to the point that many of them end up sleeping on cots in their offices. Some buy houses in DC although this leads to charges that they no longer really represent their constituents back home all that well and this has gotten a couple of them unelected. Chaffetz suggests a housing allowance of $2500/mo to get the members a place to live while they're in DC and makes the case that this would probably cost less than 1 airline ticket/week to visit home. It would also make working more than 3 days a week more achievable.

Here's the opportunity: Someone in the high rise construction / real estate biz could build some high rise condos in the DC area, and get a contract to house Senators and congressmen at say $2500/month. This would be included in legislation to require all Senators and Reps to live there while they hold the office.

I would put the 2500 sq ft units on the lower floors for the Reps, the 3500 sq ft units on the upper floors for the Senators, and some 1400 sq ft units in between for indispensable staff and "secretaries". This would probably call for about 1000 total units. To reduce any rancor, the builder would NOT be allowed to put his name on the outside of the buildings in 20 ft tall gold letters.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Feinstiens Support For Antifa

Breitbart has an account of a debate between Diane Feinstein and Eugene Volokh on the topic of the hecklers veto vs actual free speech. Naturally Diane backs the brownshirts in black shirts:
Feinstein countered by suggesting that public universities might not have the resources to handle a protest on the scale of the Berkeley riots that erupted before an event featuring former Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos in early 2017.
“How should a university handle this,” Feinstein asked. “No matter who comes, no matter what disturbance the University has to be prepared to handle it…To me the extraordinary circumstance is when people come in black uniforms and hit other people over the head.”
Riot cops wear black uniforms. Protesters wear black shirts. It's an important difference. Especially when the university administration sides with the black shirts and tells its campus police (blue shirts) to stand down. At that point the speakers and those who would hear them are in danger, cannot be protected, and are asked to leave for their own safety.

How Old Is Bernie Sanders?

Here is probably one of the earliest inspirations for his platform ever.
“Praxagora: I want all to have a share of everything and all property to be in common; there will no longer be either rich or poor; I shall begin by making land, money, everything that is private property, common to all.
Blepyrus: But who will till the soil?
Praxagora: The slaves.”
My guess is that Bernie was in the audience when this play debuted.

H/T to Declination. Drop on over, there's some good stuff there.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Gun Laws - The Green Light

The republicans have been exceedingly cautious on the gun bills currently languishing in assorted committees, from the individual measures like the HPA to the omnibus SHARE bill. According to my congressman, part of this is waiting foe the inevitable post-Alexandria flurry of anti gun rhetoric and bills to fade away and another part is the herd mentality of a lot of them, waiting for someone else to lead the movement. Well here it is.

My take on the Ga-6 election is that the Dems ran a perfect candidate* against a real moderate** and lost.  This should be a signal to the reps to step up to the plate and swing for the fences. Of course they won't, without some prodding from the peasants, so pull up the Washington legislative page and give your rep or Sen a piece of your mind. After all, what did we elect them for if not to push the party agenda which includes all those 2A measures.

No one has as yet, gotten a doctoral thesis out of this election yet, and without experts telling us, how can we know what we're thinking? Still, everyone seemed to agree that the Alexandria shooting moved people to the Republican side.

*The Dems don't like to admit it in public, but their platform is pretty much 30's style socialism with new words replacing some of the old ones. The absolute best Dem candidate therefore would be someone as young as possible with no voting record, no published positions on anything, and good hair. Once a Dem takes a position on something, their likability tends to drop.

**By the current definitions, a "moderate" republican is one willing to reach across the aisle and sell out his constituents. A real moderate seems to be one who, while possibly not being a full throated Trumpster, will at least acknowledge him as president and take positions similar to his.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Taking The Fifth

There's taking the fifth, as done by Mafia dons and other high profile criminals, then there's Taking The Fifth as practiced by senior level politicians. The pols do it by legally flipping off the congress and the justice departments, and then hiding records that might expose wrongdoing where they are unlikely to be found.

Billing records have been misplaced on a nightstand in the White House where they lay undiscovered for years. Records covering Susan Rice's unmasking of Trump campaign workers will not only not be spoken of by Ms. Rice, they've been stored in an old furniture warehouse in Chicago as part of the presidential library and if no fires break out, they will be sequestered there for the next 5 years

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Mexican Pro Wrestling - As Real As It Gets

For some people it is. Here's a fellow whose ring persona is the evilest he could come up with - Donald Trump. The mask is a real work of art.

Only the SJW's don't know that pro wrestling is fake. For them it's as real as Russian rigging of the national elections. They worry that the persona will further infuriate the Mexicans but the wrestlers observation is that the average Mexican knows about as much about American politics as the average American knows about Mexican politics.

Trump should bring this guy up to the states, appear in a photo-op with him, then announce that he's the new liaison man between the White House and the Congress.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Gun Laws - In Progress

Met with my congressman, Mike Coffman today and asked him about the SHARE Bill and prospects for any other gun bills. He's on the Armed Services Committee and some Veterans affairs committees and isn't heavily involved in gun legislation as such but he doesn't see much hope of passage for pro gun bills while the left is busy demanding more gun control in the wake of the Alexandria shooting.

I like Mr Coffman, he's on our side. What I think he's seeing is a knee jerk reaction on the part of the Reps to the knee jerk reaction on the part of the Donks. Someone, inevitably a lefty of some sort, commits some terrible act using firearms, the left demands more gun control in spite of evidence that nothing they propose would have made any difference at all, and the Reps, not wanting to be scolded in the press, immediately go silent.

In this case the Alexandria shooting should only slow things down by 3-6 months, after all it was only Reps who were targeted and no one but the shooter was killed.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Alexandria Shooting Is Hillarys Fault

Just saw another headline quoting some SJW claiming that the Alexandria shooting was obviously Trumps fault for using so much inflammatory rhetoric. Right.

Here's the real truth: The shooting was Hillarys' fault. Totally and completely. If she hadn't run such a terrible campaign and come across as such a curmudgeonly crook, she would have won, and we would all be living in gun free harmony.

It could also have been the Seth Richs' Russians' fault for leaking those emails and making her overly transparent.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Armed Antifa

Remember when most of us dismissed calls by the Antifa group to arm themselves?

The ravings of lunatics can never be completely ignored. Loony they may be, but capable of passing a background check in spite of this they are.

QOTD - Shooting

Shooting of people at baseball practice anyway. From the Tweets of Sean Spicier:

Sean Spicier @sean_spicier

As long as it remains legal to sell firearms to Democrats and Muslims, We can expect terror attacks like this to continue. Bernies Brownshirts and ISIS are not so different, eh?

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

New Gun Bill - Everything, and More!

Pretty much anyway. The SHARE ACT includes seemingly every pro gun and outdoors bill that ever got written in the last 5 or 10 years all in one 75 page package for your congressman to vote up or down.

Every single Rep and Sen will be able to say that he or she supported the bill except for one small detail somewhere in it that made voting for it impossible*. The other problem is that it will have to be referred to every committee in Washington as it likely impacts everything from revenue to CO2 emissions so the time is now to begin harassing your people in Washington to pass this thing and be done with it.

It Includes:
 a stop to banning lead sinkers and bullets
Repeal of the "sporting purposes" language from the GCA 68
relaxed definition of armor piercing ammo
the Hearing Protection act
stuff to make it harder for states to ban suppressors

And a ton of other stuff.

Conspicuously missing is interstate recognition of CCW permits which if we get something like that, we better be sure it's VERY carefully written so as to not impose the most restrictive requirements on everyone.

H/T to PAGunblog for the lead. Read the whole bill here. As of this instant, the bill has no number.

*Cynical? Moi?

Apples Self-Driving Car

Apple is working on a self driving car. I'm sure it will work smoothly on Apple approved roads. I'm also sure it won't recognize the presence of any Android based vehicles.

Microsoft missed out big time by not offering to develop an underlying common OS for all automotive applications, accessible through a USB port in the center of the dash.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Easy To Follow Instructions

Back in the days of my not-yet-wasted youth, there was a piece of poetry in Mad magazine on the topic of assembly instructions. It involved a fellow assembling a box kit model and started off with a line about "tab A into slot B insert" and went on at about 3 pages length covering every overused phrase in the instruction writers manual while picturing the assembler victim becoming increasingly distraught as he went along.

At the end there stands the fellow looking like he's ready for a 2-week vacation in the rubber room, next to a 3 or 4 foot tall model of the Eiffel Tower, complete in every detail as the poem ends: "Your Sherman Tank is now complete!"

In the course of my career I've had to write an instruction manual or two and I promise you that if you follow my directions, the job will be completed successfully in a minimum of time.

The fellow who wrote the instructions referenced in the Mad poem however, seems to have gone on to writing automotive service manuals. After carefully following his instructions which did NOT include mention of the special tool needed to remove the special fastener, I got the special panel, located in the wheel well to drop out, revealing that NOTHING is in fact installed behind it, the pictures in the book notwithstanding. Seems the manual was published before the last revision of my car was released even though the title assured me that everything was covered.

At this point I'm pretty certain I know what needs to be replaced and how to get to it without too much hair pulling, so the next step is to visit the friendly local dealer and see if he actually has one in stock. The car is 15 years old, and the part is a 2-3 ft long piece of rubber hose with a clever plastic locking fitting on each end. Should cost about $10.

Feel free to enter your guess as to price and availability in the comments. Worst case I suspect will be waiting for an '01-02 Camaro to appear in the local junkyard where I can get the hose for $5 eventually.

And The Winner Is: All parts for my car are out of production and out of stock unless they're still being used in something current. Field expedient repairs are indicated. The good news is that that sort of thing is probably much cheaper than the factory stuff and lasts just as long.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Anti-Sharia Rally In Denver

Not a greatly organized event with no speakers. From 3:30 to about 5 PM it was noisy but relatively uneventful so Rich and I went home. After we left, of course,it heated up a bit with 4 people getting arrested on various minor charges and one outstanding warrant. The Antifa thugs were mostly skinny kids dressed in black with bandannas and hoodies and the good guys ranged from scruffy bikers to one fellow looking like he was ready to take Falluja single handedly. 
The temps were in the low to mid 90's which discouraged too much 
activity. Denver sent a dozen or so SWAT officers who spent most to the time in their SUV's with the A/C on high. Note to ANTIFA: If you make the cops in full Swat gear get out into oppressively hot weather to deal with you, they're going to be bringing an ass-beating with them. Lots of cops there who did a fine job of keeping people apart up to the end when everyone decided to walk across the street to the same bus stop at which point things degenerated. I had left about 45 minutes earlier and so missed all the fun. I forgot my camera so you'll have to watch the news at the link.

The anti-sharia side definitely needs to get some poets to work on the slogans.

Get your hats
Get your coats
Now go home and
F**k your goats!

I'm sure we could do better than that. The media were complaining that they couldn't get too close to anyone without jeopardizing their PG ratings.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Unity Party Now Officially Recognized In Colo

The Unity Party now has over 1000 registered voters registered under its banner so their expected to select their candidates through a nominating convention just like the big guys. Don't get your hopes up. Their platform positions are here, hust click on the line item and get a quick summary of the position.

Warning: The platform reads like it was written by a committee of Gary Johnson and Jill Stein who took turns on the items. The Term limits line was Johnson's, no frills and to the point.
Term Limits
Unity supports limiting US Senators to two six-year terms in office, and limiting US Representatives to four two-year terms in office. 
 The line about eliminating the income tax sounds great until you see that it was written by Jill Stein.
Eliminate the Federal Income Tax
Unity supports replacing federal income taxes with a revenue measure based on the carbon content of fossil fuels as a simple way of balancing the budget, combating global warming, and encouraging the development of alternative energy sources. A reduction in fossil fuel consumption would enhance American power abroad by making this nation less dependent on foreign sources of oil.
They think they can fund the U.S. Federal Government through gas and fuel taxes alone? They also seem to think they can keep the Social Security zombie alive by changing the way we get taxed to support it now.

This outfit would most correctly be called the PP Party:
For the Pushme Pullyou mascot. Note that in this configuration it's unlikely to move very fast in any direction. Click the platform link and click on individual items to see the details.

Ol' Massa Sez You Gettin' Uppity...

Sez he wants to take you out behind the barn and give you a proper whuppin'.

Com on Al, that's cultural appropriation of the worst sort.

Nobel Prize For Intercultural Relations

Today's Mallard Fillmore suggests we observe "Cultural Appropriation Wednesdays. I suggest we add Melting Pot Mondays to the list. On either of these days, feel free to appropriate any part of whatever culture you want that appeals to you personally. I plan to have a Scottish omlette* for breakfast, tacos for lunch, and Asian food of some sort for dinner.

 Remember the word "diversity" is one of those words that the left has redefined to dance around their agenda. The words they should be using are "divisiveness" or "Balkanization"
I hereby nominate Mr. Tinsley for a Nobel Prize in intercultural relations or something like that.

*Just like any other omelette, substituting Haggis for the meat.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Draining The Swamp - Not As Hard As Thought.

While shooting the breeze at the gun show today, it occured to me how to fix the unholey mess Washington has become. My partner mentioned a friend of his who had acquired an old Thunderbird that needed a good deal of work to get it back to mostly running and I likened it to some cars I'd dealt with where the best approach was described as "Jack up the radiator cap and slide a new car under it."

In Washington you may look at some agency that is infested with career bureaucrats who have NO interest whatever in seeing their fiefdom reduced and wonder what to do since they can't be fired. Think of Trumps appointed head of the agency as the radiator cap. Keep that and completely abolish the agency. Now task the agency head with rebuilding the agency with just enough people to do the job it was originally set up to do. In most cases this can be done with under 200 people. Preference should be given to ones with experience in private industry and none in government.

NICS Checks (Barely) sets a new record

NICS checks in May were 1942677 vs 1870000 for the previous May, This is the first time this year in which monthly NICS checks actually exceeded all previous years numbers for the month. The 3.8% increase id not exactly earth shaking either.

Last year, June and July showed an abnormal bump in anticipation of some sort of government skulduggery or something so this year I expect checks to be significantly below last year. Look for big press articles heralding the end of the "gun boom". I'm also going to stick my neck out and predict that August will be another new record.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

QOTD - Creativity

Found today on Scott Adams' blog in a post about the presidents new word "covefefe."
“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”
Being creative or inventive often enough involves making large numbers of mistakes. It's how you figure out what doesn't work on your way to that better mousetrap. Lots of things were discovered while trying to invent something else. Sometimes it's art. Sometimes it's a whole new industry.

I might add that intuition is knowing how far back to stand while testing the new product or process.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Shooting In The Gimp Class

It's that time of the year when all the clubs I shoot at hold the annual IDPA Classifier matches. For those of you who don't know, this is the dullest form of competitive shooting there is. It is also close to the only way you can get your status in the IDPA upgraded. Scoring is your time plus 1-5 points for each miss depending on the severity of the miss. Lower is better.

It also happens to be about 3 weeks from my being officially allowed to remove the splint on my left wrist and enter physical therapy. I had originally planned to shoot this with the carbine as it would generate no recoil to my hand, but of course the best laid plans go up in smoke when you "load and make ready" only to find that the battery in the red dot is dead and you don't have a spare. Nor does anyone else. I hate it when you get all set to blaze away with your trusty firearm only to find you can't because the battery is dead. This is why the so-called smart guns will never be popular.

OK so I took off the splint, put on the gel-padded Perl Izumis, and had a go with the Glock. After all, of the 70-80 shots you fire in a classifier, only 6 are fired with the weak (injured) hand only. Even with the padded gloves and the low-power loads I use, those hurt enough to give me pause. Of those 12 shots I managed to get 2 complete misses which add 5 points each to my score.

Whatever I was having a good day with no technical problems and no penalties. Final score = 149. Required to advance my rank = 142. Those 10 points I picked up with the weak hand kept me from  advancing a notch. In the grand scheme of things this doesn't matter except for bragging rights but still I could use some bragging rights. It's good for the ego you know.

Next time.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

QOTD - Economics

How they do it in England. in answer to a persistent question about the difference between a bond and a loan.

 Corbyn: No, because the – we have the rule that we would only borrow to invest for the future. We would not borrow for revenue expenditure.

So if the government calls it an investment, a bond is not actually a loan and the monies raised are not really spent as an expenditure, it's spent as something else. This kind of reminds me of the difference between a tax, which must be approved by the voters in Colorado, and a fee, which does not. We have had very few tax hikes here, but the fees are fast getting out of hand.

Mr. Corbyn, the front man for the Labor party over there, is the answer to the question "How dumb do they think we are?"

Friday, May 26, 2017

QOTD - Hills e-mails

Found this at
She may have a point. Then again it could be just more fake news. Still, it gives me something to look forward to each morning.

Statistics - Growth

Found at Theo Spark
- The average GDP for the ten years from 1930 to 1939 during the "Great Depression" was 1.33%.
- The average GDP for the ten years from 2007 to 2016 during "Great Depression II" was 1.33%.
So Barry O'Bummer has equaled the accomplishments of FDR. Congrats, Barry.

Punch Back Twice As Hard

In Montana Republican Greg Gianforte has won the states only House seat after accosting a reporter and getting charged with misdemeanor assault. Congratulations Greg.

We all knew that the press in general is held in fairly low esteem by everyone except themselves, but this has to take the cake, at least so far. I had thought that the incident would work against him with most, if not all of the local press siding with the U.K. Guardian reporter.

I thought Gianforte should have laughed the incident off by stating that he had thought the limey was a rugby fan and would appreciate a rugby-oriented gesture of sports-fan brotherhood.

The Montana race is one of two, the other being in Georgia, that the Democrats were touting as impending defeats for Trump.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Spirits and Sparks

Went to a thing called Spirits and Sparks featuring fire drums, fire music, a really nice French food truck, a DJ, and about 15-20 craft distillers making everything from traditional moonshine to some pretty good whiskys, rums, gin, vodka, and other stuff.

These pics were taken early, before the official opening. Once it got going the place was pretty full.
The Denver Mad Scientists Club provided a bit of the entertainment at our table

providing instant solutions to whatever problems you might have. We added a disclaimer at some point denying all responsibility for injuries, dismemberment, jailing, or whatever else might accompany implementation of our suggestions, but generally we provided some good solutions to everyday problems. That barrel on the table is a smoke ring generator that can toss a 12 in smoke ring all the way across the room. Smoke was provided by a generator on the right side, barely visible.

How's your Latin? Translate the motto on the sign and win 10 extra points. Click pix to enlarge.

All in all a fun event. I had no idea there were that many craft distillers along the front range. I had some coffee liqueur from  Black Canyon Distillery that was better than Baileys.

Politics As Usual - Stringing The Beads

So here's a political party that;
1.  In court, argues that the central committee DNC has the mandate to select the party's candidates no matter whom the constituents prefer.
2. Seems to have solved their leakage problem by assassinating the leaker.
3. Invites terrorist groups to strategy meetings to deny conservatives their 1st amendment rights.
4. Will probably pretend to be surprised when more and more conservatives complain of receiving death threats. Taking a cue from the Muslims who assure us that they want nothing but peace but can't be held responsible for the actions of a few extremists.

Makes you want to run right out and register as a Democrat if only to avoid the attention of the Brownshirts later. Convert or be vandalized you know.

Friday, May 19, 2017

High Risk Jobs

Not the job as such but the people you wind up hanging with in the process of doing it. There's a list out there of people who died under questionable circumstances while working near the Clintons for example. Some of the deaths are sketchier than others I'll be the first to note, but it totals in the 40's at last count. Here's 4 more:
Sorry for the fuzzy quality, but that's what I got. There's more here at Theo Spark.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Weekend Entertainment

As part of the Maker Faire this weekend, there's the part where the makers doing demos are craft distillers and brewers. There's also this: