Saturday, March 30, 2024

Testing, Hamas position

Hamas says the IDF has killed some unlikely number of civilians in Gaza. The IDF thinks otherwise. Here's a 'toon to help you tell the difference:


I'm too lazy to put much effort into drawing this, but I think you get the idea.

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Dems Calling For Trump Assassination

 As the lawfare drags on, and begins to look as though it won't work, in spite of the distractions and expense it causes, the Dems are now pretty much actively calling for Trump to be assassinated, and publicly describing exactly how this should be carried out.

James Carville, longtime Dem poo-bah, is calling for "surrogates" to be hired to do the parties "wet work" in the case of Trump.

As a long time friend of Hillary, he could probably farm the job out to her, and just wait to hear of Trumps "suicide" a couple of weeks later. Probably from jumping from a 25th floor window in one of his N.Y. towers about to be stolen by the N.Y. D.A in a "fit of despondency".

Yeah, that sounds plausible. And anyone seen leaving the room from which he "jumped" will be described as cleaning people on their way back home to Russia to visit their families, and the WAPO and NYT will report it as such.

Edit #1: Mike Flynn predicts a "Black Swan" event.

Edit #2: Rep Katie Porter is predicting a heart attack.

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

The Iranian Gambit

 The FBI has announced that a disgruntled Iranian assassin is running about loose in the country with the avowed intent to whack Mike Pompeo in retaliation for the killing of General Soleimani in Iraq. Just before an election? The conspiracy theories write themselves, so here's my take:

The Iranian assassin gambit:

  1. Iranian assassin whacks Pompeo or some similarly positioned figure. Biden expresses outrage and allows U.S. To bomb Iranian assets in Syria and possibly in Yeman. American public miffed.

  2. Iranian assassin whacks Trump. Desantis or Ramaswami immediately moves up to the nomination promising strikes on Iran. Gets elected.

  3. Iranian assassin whacks Harris. Hillary immediately volunteers to replace her. Biden expresses outrage and allows U.S. to bomb Iranian assets in Syria and possibly in Yemen. American public miffed but figures Biden won't last 2 weeks post inauguration. Election very close, Biden wins by 2% in spite of fires in swing state counting centers which are blamed on Trump supporters. Early Feb. Biden succumbs to heart failure.

  4. Iranian assassin whacks Biden. Harris moves up and issues strongly worded letter of protest to Iran. Trump wins election 60/40 in spite of fires in swing state counting centers, which are blamed on Iranian saboteurs.

Modifications to the above:

A. Assassin is killed in the operation. Elizabeth Warren commission investigates and concludes he acted alone with no outside support.

B. Assassin is captured, and whisked off to an undisclosed location. FBI says he's being interrogated, but won't say what they've learned. NYT protests “inhuman treatment and torture of captured freedom fighter”. Email leaks suggest he received substantial assistance from the FBI. FBI announces that he has died of natural causes while in their custody in spite of their best efforts. They denounce the email leaks as “Russian disinformation”. Elizabeth Warren commission concurs.