Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Primary Candidate Wanted

Must be resident of CO-6. Need a genuine conservative to replace Mike Coffman who has been kidnapped and had his brain tampered with:
Coffman said he takes Obama “at his word that he is willing to work with Republicans on a budget agreement to bring down our debt.”
“President Obama is now saying that he is willing to negotiate on additional steps to bring down the debt but only after the partial shutdown has ended and the debt limit is once again raised,”
Sure Mike, and Lucy will dutifully hold the football for you this time, no kidding.

Coffman's district was gerrymandered to make the party split almost perfectly even before the Vote Fraud Act of 2013 was passed. It now leans slightly Dem and Mr. Coffman is convinced that by selling out his base he can increase his attraction to the Undecideds.

Me, I've got my doubts.

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