Thursday, January 14, 2021

Coup Theater

 This has been done so many times in so many equatorial countries that the U.S. Press doesn't even cover it any more except possibly to report the name of the new boss.

  1. Various stuff happens, and the Old Boss is displaced from office. There may even have been an election involved although this isn't a requirement.

  2. The New Boss in inaugurated, taking a solemn oath of office, administered by a long time crony of his in a black robe. This usually happens in a public place, say the steps of the capitol.

  3. Proper stagecraft is de rigueur. This includes being surrounded by people in high office who supported him, and a couple of people in highly decorated military uniforms. This is to remind the losers what they will be facing if they get any funny ideas.

  4. If the New Boss is really worried about the peasants questioning his legitimacy, he will also include a mass of heavily armed soldiers, facing outward, in the rows nearest to the podium/platform. Nothing clears your mind like looking down the business end of an assault rifle.

  5. The follow-up includes arresting the Old Boss, confiscating all his possessions, and jailing or executing him. This is also frequently followed by pursuing any of his followers who do not immediately kow-tow to the New Boss and affirm their loyalty with sufficiently large donations to the New Boss Re Election Fund.

Pelosi has asked that the U.S. Nuclear codes be taken away from the president, and entrusted to the Speaker of the House. She has also asked the commandant of Marines for 5000* armed marines (!) to be present at the inauguration. She has also been informed, in case she didn't know, that she is NOT in any military chain of command and is NOT entitled to be asking for any of this.

To be asking for any of this is to be asking the military to support her coup d'etat in the finest traditions of banana republics everywhere. The proper response from the military is a resounding NO, and the proper response from the legislature should be a quick and broadly based removal from office. The proper response from the DOJ should be Federal charges against her and her inmost circle of supporters.

Unfortunately, while the military has responded correctly, the legislature has proven unsurprisingly spineless, and Chicago Rules apply to the DOJ.

UPDATE: My mistake. The correct number seems to be not 5,000 but 20,000 and the public is discouraged from attending, not that very many would have shown up anyway. Good to know the New Boss is supported by at least 20,000 men in full battle dress. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Enlightenment Camps

James O'Keefe strikes again. Just imagine "enlightenment Camps" run by PBS & DHS.

Sunday, January 10, 2021


 The most important thing to remember when running a newspaper is to NOT get on the wrong side of the Commissar of News. Our own local fishwrap, Pravda-By-the-Platte, keeps its ear to the ground and tries ad hard as it can not to wind up on the D.C. cancel list.

When the president looked like he would no longer be such a large contributor to their subscriber lists, Twitter and Facebook simply deplatformed him, and to insure that he stayed in media Siberia, they also are attempting to completely shut down possible competitors Parler and Gab.

Above: Deplatforming

Here's the paper giving the Committee for State Security as much reassurance as it can that they are solidly on the side of the coup and not to be denounced:

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Why It's Different This Time


Having entertained myself watching the endless farce that is politics since about 1955, I've notices some things that never seemed to change. First off is the nature of the parties. The Republicans believe in minimal government, so when they are in they tend to leave us alone.

We'll call this phase one. This causes prosperity. Everyone gets a job, or starts a business, and makes money. This creates a demand for workers with the largest numbers at the bottom of the ladder, about where you'd expect things to start.

Next comes phase 2: This creates a problem, or so we're told. All those people at the bottom of the ladder need to be pushed up it, rather than letting them climb or fall according to their abilities. Or so the Democrats tell us. Tugging at our collective heartstrings, they loudly advocate for the poor, demanding that the very richest chip in a small part of their ill-gotten gains to help the less fortunate. This works, and they get elected, frequently in large numbers.

Now comes phase 3. Inevitably, they over reach. Regulate this, ban that, basically put the hobnailed boot of government on the throat of the public, driving small businesses out of business in favor of their model of One Big Business with government sitting on the BOD. The public notices this and usually, we next move to phase 4.

This happens, in general, after 2 years of a Dem trifecta. 1994 comes to mind. The Big Over Reach results in the Big Backlash, and the Reps take over one or both of the legislative houses, putting the brakes on the Dems. The result of this is to keep the Dem President from looking like an economic buffoon, and gets him re-elected on the premise that the economy is improving. Which it is, though not due to anything he's doing. Of course the Reps have to be on their toes here lest the damage abatement from the opposition legislature be ascribed to the Dem president. Usually people figure this out and the improved economy is eventually ascribed to the legislature, and a Rep president is elected.

This trick works both ways though, and Republican prosperity is used to call for a return to punishing the successful and rewarding the laggards. Now we're back to phase 1.

This time I believe is different. The Dems have discovered that to win elections you only have to win over 1 vote, which currently is Eric Coomer of Dominion, maker of the vote counting machines. It appears that these machines can be tuned to produce any results desired all by themselves, or set to allow operators to “adjust” ballots as they go along. This can speed up the process for stage 2, and eliminate the problems causing Stage 3. Over reach is no longer sufficient to get them run out of office, and after a couple of elections, the Republicans get the feeling that their state or country has been over run with Democrats and they can never vote them out no matter how bad a job they do, thus discouraging turnout.

The system works well, but you have to be careful. Simply adding ballots to the total will work up to a point, and having more votes cast than you have registered voters can be explained away by pointing to same day registrations, which no one seems to check post election to see if this is what actually happened. There is another safeguard which is comparing the number of people who voted to the total number of votes. A pretty strong case for fraud can be made if there's a significant discrepancy here, but so far doing this has never been a standard practice. Given the number of people voting and the number and varying types of ballots cast, it wouldn't surprise me a bit to see the numbers not match, but not by very much. Pennsylvania had a discrepancy of some 200,000 more votes cast than voters casting votes. About 4 times the margin of victory and way over anyones expectations. This is still being looked in to but Mr. Biden will be well into his term before any conclusions get drawn. 5 other states also had this issue, with enough electoral votes to swing the election. Again it's being looked in to. What if, by 2022, it is concluded that Biden was fraudulently elected? So what?

The Dem majorities in the legislature are very thin, and phase 3 says Biden should take a beating in both houses due to incompetence and over reach. 2020 was won by focusing on the presidential end of the ticket. The Senate was taken by being able to focus on only 2 races, in a state that already used compromised Dominion machines. By 2022, all the software in the Dominion machines will have been updated so as to allow a technician with a thumb drive, or maybe just a technician with an internet connection to make the necessary adjustments to the machines. Unless legislation is passed in all the states requiring a forensic audit of the machines following any election with said machines placed in quarantine when the polls close, I predict a great Dem sweep of the legislature.

Since this requires effort on the part of legislators I have no great hopes of seeing this happen. In states where the Dems control the legislatures, I have no expectation it will happen at all.

Bidens Opportunity

 Slow Joe is missing the opportunity of his lifetime. The Dems want Trumps scalp, to hang up with Nixons, and they're willing to do anything to get it. There isn't enough time to get an impeachment done before Trump would leave anyway, so Joe should step up to the plate and refuse to take the oath of office until Trump is officially impeached.

Keeping in mind that it takes 66 votes in the Senate to impeach a president, and with Rassmussen reporting Trump's popularity actually going up in the last few days, it may take a while to get to 66 votes, even with the 2 stolen Georgia seats. No problem. We can wait.

Biden Reacts

 This borrows from Theo Spark who seems to have forgotten to insert the html bits as html rather than plain text.

Friday, January 8, 2021

Voting Machines


Remember Eric Coomer? The man who said, before the election "Don't worry, Trump will lose. I made damn sure of that."

Looky here

He's worried now that Dominion might not get the contracts to supply ALL the voting machines now that we understand how they work.


Cause Of Death

 I did a few minutes of digging about the 5 dead in the DC protest. Here are the results:

The death toll from DC:

Ashli Babbit, 35-years-old, Huntington, Maryland – shot by police
Benjamin Phillips, 50-years-old, Ringtown, Pennsylvania – Natural causes / stroke
Kevin Greeson, 55-years-old, Athens, Alabama – Natural causes / heart attack
Roseanne Boylan, 34-years-old, Kennesaw, Georgia. - Trampled by the crowd

Brian Sicknick, Capitol policeman – died of a stroke

So there you have it.

Big Media

 The gods at Big Media have been caught letting opposing views be heard. They are now facing retribution. They should know that only one POV is acceptable.

Good News!

Good News Week:

Built-in Quarantine?

 Cali is now advising people not to travel more than 120 miles from their homes. This is conveniently about the maximum range of an electric vehicle without recharging, so 120 out, 120 back, then overnight to recharge. It's not a bug, it's a feature.

They are also actively discouraging anyone from visiting the state during the plague. Just think; if they were to build a tall fence along their border, they could keep the residents in and the "foreigners" out. Knowing how seriously they take this sort of thinking, I'm thinking that no fence would be required along the southern border as Mexicans are not considered foreigners. Likewise no fence along the Nevada border as this would unreasonably curtail the gambling industry, and none on the Northern border as Oregon is close enough to Cali politically as not to matter. This leaves only the Arizona border where dissident elements from Cali cross to try to buy ammunition and smuggle it back to Cali.

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Careful What You Ask For

 Dems in a last ditch effort to claim Trumps scalp rather than let him leave peacefully, are asking VP Pence to relieve him of his office in accordance with the 25th amendment. Imagine he accedes.

Pence relieves Trump, per the Dems request, and assumes the presidency. His first act as President is to issue Trump a blanket pardon for anything and everything. Do the whole thing on the 19th.

Even better: Trump resigns on the 18th, Pence pardons him on the 19th, and both leave to play golf while Bejing Joe is sworn in on the 20th.

What Democrats Want

 It's a Christmas List, missing only the pony under the tree.

[X] The House of Reps. Although they almost lost it this time.*

[X] The Senate. They get that this month.

[X] The presidency. They get that the 20th

[  ] The Supreme court. Not yet, but I suspect about June, 7-5**

[  ] Trumps Head on a pike. He's leaving in 2 weeks ***

*Focusing on the presidential election meant that the down ballot choices didn't get the same attention. With 2 years to work on it and no presidential distractions, no democrat at the Federal level should ever need to worry about getting elected or reelected ever again. By 2024, the software should be able to work automatically all the way down.

**With the trifecta, Pelosi will introduce legislation to increase the number of justices to 12. Bidens handlers will have their chosen 3 queued up as soon as the legislation is signed. Schumer will ram them through posthaste.

*** Trump is leaving in 2 weeks depriving the coup of an official deposition of a sitting president so getting that final trophy will have to be done in the courts on one pretext or another. 

Or am I unduly depressed?

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Science Marches Onward

 While China fiddles with trying to genetically improve their soldiers, we will build ours from scratch with NO human failings.

Fun With Headlines - Deja Vu

 In 1815, Napolean departed his putitave arrest on Elbe and began his march to Paris. The newspapers reported it thusly:

The following is a list of Paris newspaper headlines reporting the journey of Napoleon across France, on his return from exile on Elba, March 9 to March 22, 1815:

March 9


March 10


March 11


March 12


March 13


March 14


March 18


He has been fortunate enough to escape his pursuers

March 19


March 20


March 21


March 22

HIS IMPERIAL AND ROYAL MAJESTY arrived yesterday evening at the Tuileries, amid the joyful acclamation of his devoted and faithful subjects


Today the Wall St Journal joins the loyal French press:

Trump Loses the Senate

His post-election tantrums hand the government to the left.

Republicans objecting to state electors should stop and certify Joe Biden’s election by acclamation.


Etc, etc. Trump won the vote, but Biden won the count. Suck it up, peasants.