Friday, October 4, 2013

Colorado Gun Law - Recall 2

The first recall efforts were marked by dispersed efforts by rank amateurs. To recall a legislator, first you have to get the minimum number of signatures on a petition to recall the person. Of the four legislators who were targeted, only two got that minimum. Still, it resulted in the recall of both of the targeted senators.

Buoyed by this success, a second effort is now underway to recall Sen Evie Hudak. Sen Hudak, you may recall famously dismissed the testimony of a rape victim, herself a CCW holder, who had dutifully left her gun somewhere else while she walked across the UNLV campus, which had a "no guns" policy. Within 50 yards of the campus police station she was accosted by a thug with a gun. After hearing her plea against a bill that would have made all Colorado colleges "gun free zones" Sen Hudak informed her that she felt the "statistics were against her" regarding actually defending herself and dismissed the testimony in the most insensitive display of arrogance I saw at the capitol the whole time I was there.

Sen Hudak doesn't like armed peasants and isn't shy about letting the peasants know. The testimony is at the web site. Watch it. It's 4-1/2 minutes well spent. I was in the audience when this happened and was appalled at Sen Hudaks response. She also is easily distracted.

The new effort has a web presence here and a Face book page here. Now that the methodology and available resources are better understood, this effort should proceed much more easily than the last one. As an extra bit of incentive, if Sen Hudak is recalled, the Republicans will hold a 1 vote majority in the Senate making repeals and amendments much more feasible.

The petition has been approved for wording and content so now we have 60 days to get 18,300 valid signatures on the petitions. This probably means that more than that will be required as the opposition will be working hard to get bogus signatures on the paper. Typically 130% of the minimum requirement is required although in the case of Giron, the gatherers were careful who they solicited and needed only about 10% extra to be successful.

Last time I don't believe the Donks took us very seriously as no sitting legislator had ever been successfully recalled up to that point. This time they will believe with the level of faith of a suicide bomber as their majority is now at stake and not just one seat. If you can help, please do. I plan to.

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