Sunday, December 24, 2017

Californian Of The Year

The Independence Institute is having a popularity contest of a sort, to select the Californian Of The Year in Colorado. This is intended for the person, who is doing the most to try to make Colorado into Eastern California, complete with all the things that make California what it is today, namely North Venezuela. Currently we have 5 candidates:

Christine Berg wants to ban the mention of sugary drinks for kids on restaurant menus.
Jared Polis wants to be Governor and make Colo. 100% dependent on "renewable" energy sources.
Brandon Rothheimer wants everyone to add several tons of dirt to their roofs so as to plant grass without regard to the design limits to installed roofs based on expected snow loads.
Jerry Sonnenberg wants to repeal TABOR, the constitutional amendment that prevents slows down runaway spending by the state government.
Aidan Cook wants to ban the popular rodeo sport of mutton busting wherein 5-year-olds under 50 lbs ride sheep.

This is fairly easy. Christine's influence is pretty much limited to Broomfield so if she want's kids ordering soft drinks off the adult menu instead of the kids lists, fine.

Brandons idea will be on a ballot initiative next election and would add some $25-$35/sq ft to the cost of building anything in Denver. Not to mention rewriting the municipal building codes. If an older house or building needed a new roof, the whole thing may need to be torn down in order to build a structure capable of supporting the heavier loads.

Jerry, who is a state Senator, is backed a measure to tax hospital stays and get around the requirement that tax increases be put to a popular vote by calling it a fee. As I recall, the tax fee is about $300/night.

Aidan Cook is the local rep of an English woman who is frightened by the violence that takes place at farm shows.

Jared is a local billionaire who wants to reduce Colorado to mud huts and burning cow chips by mandating 100% renewable energy in the near future. One supposes that he plans to have several Tesla autos in the garage of his solar panel topped mansion that will supply him with power 24/7 while the bothersome peasants freeze in the dark. Nice gig if you can get it, and here, he's got my vote.

The voting is currently agreeing with me.

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