Monday, October 23, 2017

Gun Control or Crime Control?

Seems you can't fool all the people all the time, eventually they get wise to your scam. Seems support for gun control, even after a very large atrocity is a rather short lived phenomenon. Of course it didn't help that even the loudest voices for new gun laws quickly admitted that none of their proposals would have made any difference at all to the outcome of the Las Vegas shooting. I find it encouraging that journalists are now thinking to ask that sort of question at all instead of just taking the press releases and running with them.

Along those lines, I mentioned some years back, seeing a large wall-sized map of north-east Denver and NW Aurora, famous for places you don't want to visit, behind a high ranking cop who was giving a presser on one topic or another. The map had push pins in it, arranged into tight clusters about a mile apart. It mad me think that if the PD had air support, they could drop 250 lb bombs onto a handful of carefully selected addresses, and drop the municipal crime rate to near zero overnight with minimal collateral damage. Here's an article suggesting I was right.

I suppose that if you become a professional perpetrator, you quickly enough find yourself on a first name basis with the local cops, the DA, and the judges who would all quickly tire of seeing tour face. To avoid long term incarceration and keep your job as a perp, you would need to cultivate others to do your perpetrating for you, being careful of course to assure them that turning states witness, while it might keep them out of jail, would not guarantee them a long and happy life.

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