Sunday, November 26, 2017

Fun Shooting

My local club IDPA was today and the stages had carbine written all over them, so I used the carbine.
Here's stage 2 called Turkey Shoot, 2 targets, first one shot from 15 yards, seated at a table:
 Here's a closeup of the target.
Look carefully, there are 4 threats and 2 no-shoots on this and the threats are all at least 50% armored. Under the new rules, the no-shoots will cost you 5 points per hit on them so if you're going for head shots on that lower middle one, aim carefully.

Having fired 8 shots, 2 per threat with no misses I presume, the shooter moves up to the left side of the barrels, some 7 yards from target set #2
 and staying on the right side of the fault line, fires on the 5(!) threats while not hitting the no-shoot.
Again the threats are all at least 50% armored. I do not remember what the scenario story behind this was, but since the Rules state that all stages must have a story, I will obligingly make one up:

As a highly paid and highly alert security guard in the Phinias T. Phogbound Congressional office building, you are seated at your desk with your gun and all loading devices on the table in front of you when a scream from down the hallway alerts you to trouble. Looking up you see a congressional rules making committee attempting to grope 2 congressional aides. Without getting up, you engage the gropers without injuring the gropees. Hearing further commotion from around the corner, you scoop up your magazines and move to the corner conference room where you find even worse, 5 congressmen attacking a single aide. Again defend the aide.

There, see? Literature worthy of Larry Correia. Except that he would develop the personalities of every one involved, the gropers would be taken from the AD&D guide book, and he would have received a six figure advance before hitting a single keystroke.

Hmmmm. IDPA stages as basis for action adventure novels? Hmmmm...

You don't often see targets like these two in IDPA matches, but we're rather limited for space. The whole bay is 42 ft wide and 26 yards deep so each stage needs to fit a 21 foot wide area. It kinda cramps your style and places a premium on creativity.

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