Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Gun Law - CCR

HR38, the concealed carry reciprocity law is/was being debated in the House today to see what the bill will look like in its final form. I've been to hearings like this before and while I could be watching the presentations live on YouTube, there is actually little point. Barring someone committing a major gaffe in a presentation or on the part of a committee member, every ones mind is already made up.

The drill is to let petitioners drone on for their allotted 2 minutes or so, then move to the next one. At the end of the hearings (beginning of happy hour) the committee members will check with their staff to see if the constituent mail is running any different from the day before, then vote the party line.

As of last check, HR 4437, the Fix NICS bill which would allow the municipal dogcatcher to opine on your qualification to keep and bear arms, has been added to HR38, the original bill. There are proposed amendments to take 4477 off, and take the original text of 38 off so we could see either of the bills or both in one package. There is one amendment that would expand the class of our betters, sitting congressmen, to allow them to carry anywhere they like, no restrictions.
Ensures that Members of Congress are afforded the greatest latitude regarding interstate concealed carry, commensurate with that of Federal Judges under this legislation.
A complete rundown of proposed amendments appears at No Lawyers.

I suppose we'll hear what we got tomorrow. As of today, most of the bad amendments have been voted down with a few left to consider.

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