Thursday, November 16, 2017

Wildlife Update

With the weather cooling off it seems the local wildlife is moving in to the neighborhood.
Yep 'ol Wile E. has been spotted multiple times, and has eaten one cat and severely injured another and a small dog, all within a block of my house. My neighbor across the street tells me he has seen him emerging from between my house and my neighbors place presumably after checking out the chickens the fellow over the back fence keeps. All this during daylight hours so he's not impressed with anything or anyone yet.

These things are quite smart and quickly learn when trash day is in a neighborhood and will watch you from concealment across the street to get your garage door code for use later to get in and eat your Schnauzer while you're at work. If they haven't, it's only because they have trouble pushing the keypad buttons accurately with their noses.

It now seems prudent to accompany my dog when I let her out back to do her business, and D'wife is suggesting a noisemaker to help impress the coyote. Fine. I have both small and medium caliber noisemakers. It's illegal to discharge a firearm inside the city limits, but there are exceptions to this and Wile E. is one of them. Just have to be careful of the background. Now that I think about it, this may well be the situation for which a weapon-mounted flashlight is called for.


Merle said...

are suppressors legal there?


Billll said...

They certainly are. They're probably not quiet enough in my neighborhood though so the next best method is a live trap in a big trash bag which can be placed by the tailpipe of an idling car for 5-10 minutes. Afterwords, if the animal isn't suffering from mange, it can be converted into a nice vest.