Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Trumps Tax Bill - POV

Is it good? Is is bad? Depends on your point of View. EX:

Trucking fleets ordered 32,900 Class 8 trucks, the kind used on long-haul routes, in November, according to ACT Research, which compiles industry statistics. That was up about 70% from a year earlier. - WSJ today
Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) hammered the Republicans’ tax-code overhaul Monday evening as a culture-shaking economic “armageddon” that would haunt the working class for years to come.
Flanked by other top Democrats in the Capitol, the minority leader blasted Republicans for championing a tax proposal she equated to “the end of the world.” - The Hill

So it's either the end of the world or it isn't. I suppose if your constituents are beggars looking for handouts, and some fellow comes along and offers them all jobs, you'd have to be alarmed. Advice to Congress on entitlement spending:

Dear Congressman:
Look guys and girls, we all know that entitlement spending is out of control and it's mostly your fault for not putting any limits on it to begin with. We also know that if you don't act to fix this, the country's headed for bankruptcy, possibly on YOUR watch. Additionally we understand that there are so many votes tied to getting free money from Washington that if you do anything, however ineffective, you'll lose your seat in your next election and that's if you're lucky enough to not lose your head in the riots, so here's a solution:

Enact Congressional term limits, effective immediately. 12 years in the house and/or 12 in the Senate, then either up or out. Just don't forget to include the golden parachute clause that continues your salary until you croak, tax free. Now you can pass the entitlement reform, save the country, and leave town with lots of money before anyone can connect you to a lamp post. Sound like a plan?

Your helpful constituent

Of course this probably won't fly with the party leadership who had envisioned their stern but paternal or maternal visages on portraits 20-30 feet square, hanging prominently from the Washington monument, staring at the capitol building to remind the survivors that they all have suicide notes on file in the White House.

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