Thursday, October 26, 2017

Practice, Practice, Practice

It is, after all, how you get to Carnegie Hall. Joe Huffman has a picture in a post describing equipment use in WWII. Included is 41.5 Bn rounds of ammunition. Joe points out that we go through, collectively, 10-12 Bn rounds of ammo per year currently, just practicing.

Interesting to think that we are currently going through ammo at about the same rate we did fighting a two-front war. Probably a large percentage of what  we currently shoot is .22 rimfire, but skills learned with a .22 are transferable to other calibers.

UPDATE: Fixed spelling error. A Wookie mistake I'm sure.


Quirel said...

I have looked at that word on a weekly basis for years, and yet I have never noticed the similarity between "Carnegie" and "Carnage". While I may someday visit Carnegie Hall, I think I shall give Carnage Hall a wide berth.

Billll said...

Around here, even the mistakes are entertaining.