Monday, October 2, 2017

Las Vegas - Can't Catch A Break

Looks like the left can't catch a break even when things look like they're finally going their way. Big mass shooting? Check. Shooter a white guy (finally)? Check. Shooter used a fully automatic weapon? Check.

Now things start to fall apart. ISIS is claiming he's a Muslim, but no confirmation yet. If he is, the story begins to fall apart since you can't criticize a Muslim for practicing his religion. Ban automatic weapons? Mostly already done what with Federally required paperwork and extensive background checks required. He either got the gun legally, which means the system flatly doesn't work, or he got it illegally, which means the same thing.

The concert venue was a gun-free zone, but with the shooter several hundred yards away, that would be of no import.

Hillary is screaming that a silencer would have covered the gunshots completely but the video I saw featured the crack of supersonic bullets echoing off the surrounding buildings which would have been clearly audible anyway.

Nothing known about the shooter yet, but historically the way to bet is that he's some sort of lefty.

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MassMan said...

Ye gads, I've owned two airplanes and have even flown intoLas Vegas. Am I now suspect?