Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Denver Startup Week

The convention this week for entrepreneurial types is quite the shindig:
More than 17,500 people have registered to attend Denver Startup Week this year continuing to solidify our standing as the largest - and best - free entrepreneurial event of its kind in North America!
I've been to a couple of the presentations so far and found them quite informative. Go here for the event schedule and select the day you want. Better yet, scroll down through the remaining days and see if there isn't something that interests you.

Headquarters is at the Champa Commons building, and the events are held in meeting rooms, cafes, and corporate cafeterias all over downtown. Large parts of downtown are under construction, and parking is pricey so the best approach is to use the public transport to get as close as you can to your event and walk from there. I'm observing large numbers of scooters chained to the bicycle racks and after hoofing it 6 or 8 blocks, this looks like the way to go. The drizzle we've been having is not normal, and even then, it's only light drizzle. Bringing a bicycle would also work although I recommend a super sized lock that encompasses BOTH wheels and the frame. Bring your seat with you when you go in if it's any better than average. The beggars there have very light fingers.

Also on Friday:

Buzzed Brainstorming with Tipsy Technologists from The Denver Mad Scientists
Friday 9/29
4:00pm — 5:30pm
174 attending
Propose your hair brained idea and witness the making of an original design sketch by a real, live, Mad Scientist. The Denver Mad Scientists are an underground club of Makers who have appeared on Mythbusters in addition to Maker Faires, Makezine, and Mile High Con while also involved in general shenanigans throughout the Denver area. Join us to see if you can 'Stump the Chump' with your idea, however whimsical or practical, and walk away with a head full of ideas and possibly a new way of thinking.
This is my event, with 2 or 3 other "Mad Scientists" we will be offering possibly humorous solutions to your problems. Be there or be square.

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