Thursday, December 7, 2017

Gun Law - CCR - The Senate

HR38, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity and Fix NICS bill has now been sent to the Senate, where legislation goes to die.

HR 38 being "ordinary" legislation, it will need 60 votes to get through the Senate which means prying off 9 Donks which I don't see happening. What we might see is the Donks peeling off the CCR part of the bill and offering to pass just the Fix NICS part so they get the Feinstein-Schumer bill they wanted, and we get nothing as usual.

Tell your Senators it's either the whole deal or no deal, period.

An offer like that would pretty much guarantee that nobody gets anything and I hate to sound like Dudly, but there it is. All I can think of that might get this bill passes would be an amendment granting a one-time amnesty to philandering Congressmen.

This might open us up to charges of supporting dubious behavior by our elected officials and Lord knows there's plenty of that to go around already. There is of course the remote chance that the Donks want Fix NICS bad enough to accept CCR but frankly I doubt it.

Email your Senators, even the Donks since we need 9 of them, and urge them to support the whole bill as currently written.

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