Monday, December 4, 2017

Nasty Flinch You Got There

This story purports to reveal additional details of a police-involved shooting in my county back in March. Seems a suspect was having some bad inter reactions between painkillers, muscle relaxants, and alcohol when she called the cops and began making strange threats. So she got pulled over with maximum caution based on the threats where she became even less rational, one of the cops who shouldn't have had a finger on the trigger just yet fired a shot, and everyone joined in to the tune of 55 rounds fired. One officer, evidently using his car for cover, managed to put 28 rounds into the roof of his own car before the shootout ended, I'm thinking from a bad flinch causing the muzzle to depress.

The report says that additional training was ordered for all parties involved. The woman being shot at was completely unharmed.

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Merle said...

OMG, guess the bad guys are safe there!!! :)