Tuesday, February 5, 2013


The temp job I landed in December ended the end of January, pretty much as expected. I'm now back on track for plan A which was to work until the end of January then retire.

Retirement does not come naturally to me. I'm entering it kicking and screaming, figuratively speaking.

I now need the T-shit I saw at the gun show that read: I'm retired, but  I still work part time as a pain in the ass.


Brad K. said...

Walmart cuts hours for Jan-Feb, just because. But they hire back up to 'full crew' again come spring. March, that is. Lawn and garden is looking to add several folk at my store. Electronics, sporting goods, groceries -- all are lower stress than cashier. The overnight stockers include folks that don't actually enjoy working around customers, as well as those that do.

Lowe's has been hiring for seasonal (gardening/unfrozen construction) people for a while.

Wal-mart will accept applications for full time, and for part time over probably 3-5 hours a week. Some departments/jobs you can get a time availability sheet, that limits when they can schedule you. Scheduling is usually 3-4 weeks, or more, in advance, schedule flexibility is something that favors managers, a lot.

What the stores in your neck of the woods are doing I have no idea. But if you are interested in delaying the "full Social Security" bit, it might be something to do, to keep active, to learn things. I was tempted, except for the seasonal aspect, by an opportunity at one of the local nurseries -- they open a seedling kiosk/tent during garden planting season.

If you do go the full "retirement" direction, please keep us posted on how you trick out the requisite GoldWing, and which RV roaming castle you settle on!

Blessed be!

Billll said...

OMG! I'd forgotten that part. I need to trade the Sabre in on a Gold Wing, and I need to put on another 50 pounds before they'll sell me one.

Quick, Bonnie, pass the pasta!

The closest to an RV I'll ever get would be a U-Haul to move to a state with redder government, lower cost of living, and maybe wild pigs to shoot off the back porch.

The Troll said...

"I now need the T-shit I saw at the gun show that read: I'm retired, but I still work part time as a pain in the ass."

Your misspelling of "T-shirt" is even funnier given the context of the quote.

If I was shitting out a "T" I'm sure my ass would really be hurting.

Billll said...

Ever since I lost the tip of my trigger finger, my typing has gone to hell. Spell check is worthless when you accidentally type a perfectly good, but wrong word.