Thursday, February 7, 2013

High-Cap Magazines, Pros And Cons

L.A. is currently going through the trauma of a protracted mass shooting with a disgruntled L.A. cop having killed 3 or 4 people and threatening to kill more. Interestingly he seems to be a fan of gun control, having left a screed behind which has gotten out on the web unedited.

In the process of the manhunt, the suspect is described as driving a blue Nissan Titan pickup. The cops promptly found one, and taking no chances, neutralized it:
I counted 46 holes in the truck in the areas I could see in this picture. Inside were 2 women out delivering newspapers. One was hit in the hand, and one in the back for a batting average of .0434.

This incident can make the case for larger magazines for the cops to compensate for their bad marksmanship, or that the cops should be limited to 2 or 3 total rounds to compensate for their bad judgement, take your pick.

Update: Only one of the women in the truck was actually struck by a bullet, reducing the batting average to .0217. I now vote for a single "Barney round" for the cops, to be kept in their shirt pockets.

Update 2: It now transpires that Dorners pickup was gray, not blue . Blue is close enough, I guess.

Update 3:I can tell I'm not the automotive aficionado I use to be. The vehicle pictured is a Toyota Tacoma, not a Nissan Titan

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Brad K. said...

"This incident can make the case for larger magazines"

What came to my mind was the Barney Fife rule: You get one round, it stays in your shirt pocket unless and until you get direct, explicit direction from The Sheriff.

Barney had very few stray shots, and fewer unwanted injuries. And the occasions of using a firearm, more often than not, devolved into something where no one was killed.

Funny how that works. I would give the cops derringers and bolt-action carbines. "If you can't shake his hand, you can't shoot him!"