Monday, February 4, 2013

Getting Old Sucks

Apparently I'm in better shape than I thought.

If I should find myself scheduled for an IDPA match in which Robb is a participant, what I need to do is take him out the the Breckenridge Brewery the night before, ply him with a plate of Rocky Mountain Oysters, and see to it that he stays one beer ahead of me, which probably means 2 for him and one for me.

At this point I've got the match in the bag, at least to the point of not finishing last.

Devious, we old farts are.


Robb Allen said...

If you find yourself in an IDPA match with me, you KNOW I got tanked since I've never shot IDPA ;)

Billll said...

Hence the advantage.

Billll said...

Experimentation suggests that Killians leaves me with a headache while Guinness does not.

Further research is indicated.