Thursday, February 28, 2013

Gun Law - Testimonials

You've got to love some of the stuff people say in front of Congress, the press and everybody. If we had actual journalists covering it, you might get even more but here's testimony by the Milwaukee Chief of Police on the Feinstein gun bill"
Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn brushed off a self-defense argument, saying “the notion that innocent law abiding citizens will use an assault weapon or a high capacity firearm to protect themselves is not our experience.” In fact, he characterized most crime victims in his city as criminals.
“Ninety-seven percent of our suspects and 82 percent of our victims have criminal histories,” Flynn said of Milwaukee homicides. “Furthermore, our experience indicates that the vast majority of our home invasion victims are drug dealers. They do not need semiautomatic rifles to protect themselves.”
Think about this for a second. Thug A and possibly some of his friends bust in to the residence of Thug B to help redistribute some of Thug A's wealth. In the ensuing affray, one or more of the participants join the ranks of the metabolically challenged. To me this looks like  a win for the good guys, excepting of course any peripheral damage due to stray or badly aimed bullets.

Had the participants been using "personal defense weapons*", the count might be higher. Again, where's the down side. Come on chief, these sorts of problems can be self curing if you play them right.

*I love this term, invented by no less an authority than the DHS. We should immediately abandon all the previous terms for magazine fed rifles and use this one exclusively. No more  of the following:
Assault weapon, Evil Black Rifle, Sport utility rifle, Modern Sporting rifle, AR-pattern rifle, AK-pattern rifle, Spray-firing bullet hose, or anything else. They are all Personal Defense Weapons and everybody should have at least one.

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Bob S. said...

I think you missed an important aspect of his statement.

“Ninety-seven percent of our suspects and 82 percent of our victims have criminal histories,

That means 3% of suspects and 17% of the victims do not have a criminal record prior to the crime.

Victims are 5 TIMES more likely to be law abiding then the person!! And yet he advocates restricting the law abiding.

Here is an idea Chief -- lock up the criminals and keep them out of society. Then you reduce crime by around 97%, eh.