Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Hewe we have some talking heads at MSNBC wondering why they can't claim a "freedom from guns" just like their "freedom from religion".

I would suggest they spend some money and hire a journalist to look into this. I believe there are a number of countries that can provide just what they want on both points.

 England and Australia are about as close to gun free as any English speaking country, although they still allow the subjects to practice any religion they want.

Most middle eastern countries will zealously protect you from all but one religion. It's only one after all. Their gun laws are dubious at best however.

China and North Korea will do the best job on both counts and will even allow freedom from speech, assembly, unreasonable search, and most of the rest. It's a mystery to me why more liberals don't move there.


JustSomeGuy said...

So...that means I should have freedom from the Press and their inane blather, yes?


Billll said...

Like the cheesecake factory next to the gym. Tempting, isn't it?