Thursday, February 28, 2013


There are lots of links about the sequestration kerfuffle over at insty including a QOTD candidate from Steve Green:
“Already, day and night, the producers and crew at NBC News are deceptively editing old video to make it appear as though it were Woodward who ordered Alderaan to be destroyed, and right after Rachel Maddow had told him everything he wanted to know, too.”
The sense of outrage is building in the medias the administration begins to treat them like the 3rd tier lackeys they are and threatens ever more absurd Bad Things if large tax increases are not immediately forthcoming. Raise my allowance or I'll hold my breath untill my face turns blue!

TSA screeners will be laid off, leaving the groping to be done by an overworked skeleton crew.

Illegal aliens will have to be released from jails instead of bussed back to the border.

Aircraft carriers will be docked, 5 abreast, because there's no budget for fuel. (Remember Pearl Harbor!)

Next we'll be hearing that the Department of Agriculture will have to stop shipments of grain to Ukraine Texas on account of lack of fuel.

Just remember, nobody's budget is actually being cut, it's just that in some cases the rate of increase is slightly lower.

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