Monday, February 18, 2013

Gun Show, Gun Laws

Worked the Tanner gun show this weekend. The event was well attended without invoking the fire marshal.  Got a much better idea of what was going on as a friend showed up with the intention of buying his first gun.

A quick walk around the place revealed that not much was available, and what was available was priced very high. His problem is that he has very short, fat fingers and most guns simply don't fit his hand. His other problem was a sense of urgency.

He got a Jimenez 9mm which is sort of like buying a Hyundai some years ago. People who own them and shoot them regularly find they work reasonably reliably as long as you don't use hollow point bullets. A common enough complaint about auto pistols in general to my observation. Range report in about 2 weeks.

The rest of the show was rather depressing.Everything was priced at 2-5 times normal.
Primers - $45-55/K
ammo, .22LR, 525 ct - $85-100
Powder, Hodgden, $28-30/lb
ammo, 9mm $70/250,   $17-26/50
ammo 40S&W - $20-40/50
EBR's were running $1600-2400
Mags, P-mag - $40-50/each

Note that the lower priced ammo was reloads.

Denver Bullets says they may have some 9mm available as soon as they can get a delivery of bullets.
Barrys bullets says delivery on anything is running 6-8 months .

NRA memberships were going at a brisk pace at our table. Post-card letters to state senators were available as well. You put your name and address on them and we look up and add your senator's name, to be delivered to the senator this week, were all taken by about 10:30 AM.

We have one Senator who plans to vote against the gun bills. We need 2 more. Elections have consequences.

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