Saturday, February 2, 2013

Gun Fun

Here's an official photo of the grabber-in-chief actually discharging a firearm.
The accompanying text says he's shooting clays and to look at the angle of the gun he's either unbelievably fast, getting his shot off before the bird has a chance to rise, or else rather very slow, popping one off just before the bird hits the ground.

What was cropped out of the picture is the image of Chuck Hagel running for his life after putting in a very embarrassing performance in his interview for Sec Def. Just tossing folks under the bus isn't getting the message out any more I guess.

Update: The gun appears to be a Browning Citori, a $1000 shotgun with a Skeetmaster tube installed. Nice gun without being excessive. The Skeetmaster barrel inserts, one of which can be seen poking out of the upper barrel, are handy gadgets that allow the shooter to reduce the gun from its standard 12 ga to any smaller gauge the shooter feels comfortable with, all the way down to .410. The one in the presidents gun has the largest brass tip. Some digging will eventually identify the gauge the Boss is using.

I can't imagine anyone shooting skeet with 2 different gauges, so I'm guessing the upper barrel was sleeved down to .410 for a staged photo of one shot only.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a beginner - no extra shells - unless maybe he has a gun bearer to attend to that detail for him.

When I teach a total newbie, I always load the gun for them just to maintain control for safety reasons.

Cincinnatus said...

The Skeetmaster tubes are ported?

Billll said...

The link to the tubes shows a port in the tubes about halfway back.