Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How Law Is Practiced

Like the blogfather needs any help from me, but here is a paper written by Dr Reynolds on how law is practiced at the government level. It runs 6 pages in pdf format including footnotes which can be ignored unless you're working on a law degree.

It helps explain why when people are charged by a DA, they frequently face every charge in the book in hope that the defendant will cop to one of them and the prosecutor can move on to the next victim.

What, for example, could an ambitious prosecutor charge Mother Theresa or John Lennon with?

Beat cops do the same thing. When you have immunity from counter complaint for abuse of authority, you tend to abuse that authority.

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Anonymous said...


"By surveilling everyone, you catch the benign breaches of
law and taboo. If the public are all guilty, the executive
part of the government can selectively enforce laws,
essentially giving them both judicial and legislative power,
which defeats whole point of separation of powers."

Replace "surveilling everyone" with "outlawing everything", and you have the same problem.