Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gun Registration - Trial Balloon

The Denver Pest has an article up in which the idea of universal gun registration is floated. The premise is that it would make the problem of tracing crime guns so much easier for law enforcement, although what this would do for reducing the crime goes unstated

As Colorado lawmakers push closer to passing a spate of new gun laws, they have almost no data about who owns firearms in this state or even where criminals get their guns.

Let me help you with that: Muggers and other such shooty type thugs get their guns from burglars and sneaky type thugs. Trust me on this one, neither of these two groups are going to register their guns.

Folks, if you have multiple guns around the house, write down the make, model, and serial numbers and keep the list in a separate secure location. If any of your guns go missing, you can report them stolen with all the info needed to get them returned to you after they are found under the body or in the pants of some thug.

I dropped the author an e-mail asking if any legislators had expressed any interest in this.

Update: The articles author, Jennifer Brown responds:
None that I know about. There is certainly no legislation drafted regarding registration. I think it's not a very popular idea.
 Thank you very much Ms. Brown. Now we watch the legislature like that parolee HR hired to be the company security guard.

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