Friday, February 22, 2013

Rallys and Counter-Rallys

The National Day Of Resistance is tomorrow, with rallys all over the country in support of the peoples right to life, and by extension, their right to preserve it.

In response, the administration is pushing its own counter demonstration:
Organizing for Action (OFA), the group descended from the Obama for America campaign organization, will press lawmakers on Friday to back President Obama's proposals to reduce gun violence.
OFA plans to host 100 events in 80 congressional districts aimed at urging lawmakers to back Obama's gun proposals, the group announced Thursday.
The campaign never ends for the left, lest people begin asking questions about their motivations and weather any actual good is coming from it.

As usual, the right has to have its get-togethers on a Saturday to accommodate its members, most of whom have jobs. The left has no trouble at all producing a group, usually estimated by the press to be in the tens of thousands, for demonstrations at 2 PM in the middle of the week.

Here in Denver, both demos are set for the West side of the capitol building, across the lunch hour. I should probably see about getting pictures of both. It would not look good if the Bolsheviks somehow outnumbered us now would it?


Anonymous said...

"Organizing for Action (OFA), the group descended from the Obama for America campaign organization"

I thought OFA stood for "0bammunists F***ing America".

Billll said...

That would have been honest.

CapitalistPig said...

The crowd for the National Day Of Resistance rally in Phoenix was estimated to be 1,500. We'll see if the local media describes it as "dozens" like they did with our last rally.

Billll said...

The Denver rally ran to about 800 very enthusiastic people.

No one had heard anything about the OFA rally that supposedly happened yesterday.