Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Colorado Gun Law

Today the legislature is holding hearings on two issues, permitless concealed carry and CCW in schools. The usual technique is to demand that persons wanting to be heard must sign up when the hearings open, around 1:30, then delay actually taking the issue up until around 5 PM or possibly rescheduling hearings to a later date. This is where professional lobbyists earn their money, sitting in a hearing chamber trying to out wait the committee. Room 112, capitol building, 1:30.

Requiring a permit for concealed carry is a pointless exercise. If you are a law-abiding citizen, you pose no threat to anyone except criminals. If you are a criminal, you're not going to have a permit in the first place.

That either of these measures weren't immediately assigned to the Military and Veterans Affairs committee, aka the kill committee, surprises me. The other method for disposing of unwanted legislation is to vote for "indefinite postponement" which means "never again".

Film at 11, as they used to say.

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