Monday, February 18, 2013

Colorado Magazine Ban

Go here to read the Colorado magazine ban as it currently stands. From page 4 line 4 there is a huge carve-out for Magpul whose spray-firing baby killing accessories are O.K. to sell to others, CA, NY, and a few others excepted, but not to Coloradans unless you work for the government, in which case the capability is necessary for your job.

School shootings are being encouraged through the defeat of HB13-1170 which would have allowed faculty at K-12 schools to carry concealed if they had a permit, and passage of HB13-1226 which would forbid concealed carry at college campuses under any circumstances. Feeling depressed? Want to make sure everybody knows how pathetic your case is? Think you can set a new high score in the body count column? Come to Colorado where all things are possible.

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Colorado Democrats said...

Dear Magpul,

We believe that your products have no legitimate purpose – which is why only the police should be allowed to have them.

We believe that your products are used to slaughter thousands of innocent children per year – which is why the police need them.

We are going to make your products illegal in Colorado.

But we want the manufacturing jobs and revenue you bring to the state. We are willing to amend our gun control bill so that you can continue to sell your evil products to people in other states. F**k their kids, because we want your money.