Thursday, February 14, 2013

Gun Law - Coincidence?

Just this week draconian gun laws are being introduced in state legislatures all across the country. So far there's Washington, Colorado, Missouri, Penn., New York,  New Jersey, Illinois, and California. All contain similar wordings and vary only in the extent to which the targets, either guns or gun owners,  are to be regulated.

Dems in Missouri, for example, are proposing an outright ban and confiscation of the EBRs. Given the heavily Republican makeup of the legislature there, I'm not seeing this going any where. Still, it looks like a coordinated nationwide attack on gun rights which would necessarily diffuse the efforts of national level groups like the NRA.

I believe I've missed a state or two, and of course there's the federal level.

Battle of the Bulge indeed.

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Brad K. said...

No, this is no coincidence.

There are lobbying organizations that make their living (ACORN) farming out special interest money across multiple state legislatures, constructing apparent "support" around their proposals, and greasing the legislative processes with whatever graft, pressure, intimidation, and seduction seems to work in each state house.

Not to say that Obama isn't still ringing in special interest money from overseas special interests, I am just saying. And then there is the puppet master operating behind NYC Mayor Bloomberg's facade.

It is a conspiracy theory, when you see multiple actions occurring as if coordinated, but the actors don't acknowledge the coordination?