Friday, February 22, 2013

Carrying Bloombergs Water

Back on the 14th, I observed that an awful lot of gun laws had been introduced all across the country, with similar wording and objectives, and I wondered if they weren't somehow connected.

Now it seems others are noting the same thing. It seems the wording on all the bills is remarkably similar to the wish list of anti-gun laws promulgated by Mikey Bloomberg.

Jim Shepherd of  The Outdoor Wire notes:
Looking at state-level legislation proposed across the country, there is an undeniable homogeneity to the proposals. To me, it seems that Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG), the group founded-and funded- by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg might be authoring a very large majority of the language.

In fact, last week's rancorous testimony regarding anti-gun rights legislation proposed in Colorado used anti-gun "facts" and assertions that were nearly verbatim "lifts" from MAIG's talking points. Those same points were parroted in New Jersey and other statehouses where liberal lawmakers did little to hide the fact that their having enough votes to pass their legislation removed any pretense of objectivity.
RTWT. And consider that with only minor tweaking, picking up your shooting buddy's magazine during a match could easily be an illegal transfer, making you both prohibited felons.

When you ask your Senator to oppose the new gun laws, you should also point out that they were elected by Coloradans, not Mayor Bloomberg, and should be looking to the interests of the locals. If they like Mayor Mike so much that they're willing to carry his water, perhaps they should consider moving to New York.

Of course it's possible that the Senators in question actually were elected by Hizzoner. Mikey has an awful lot of money and is expert at laundering it to candidates he favors.

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