Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Colorado Gun Law

All four of the onerous bills the Bloomberg group has foisted off on us are now before the Colorado senate. One Dem senator has said he opposes the bills, but to prevail, we need to flip 2 more.

Call or e-mail your senator, especially if he or she is a Dem, and let them know you oppose the four bills, HB13-1224, 1226, 1228, and 1229.

-House Bill 1224
magazines that hold more than 15 rounds. It effectively states that your life is only half as valuable as that of a state agent, who is allowed standard capacity magazines.

-House Bill 1229
force background checks for all gun transfers. Exemptions are made for gifts among immediate family members. There is no means for enforcement except for universal registration.

-House Bill 1228
a fee for background checks. The state presumes your guilt, and demands you pay to prove your innocence. A tax on an enumerated right is a poll tax, whatever you call it.

-House Bill 1226
concealed firearms from college campuse. The "Seung-Hui Cho Virginia Tech Memorial Act". Unless all of our schools are completely gun free, a suicidal madman runs the risk of encountering a "hostile work environment".

Feel free to cut and past any of this in your letters. Make it snappy, time is short.

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