Sunday, December 2, 2012


This video is just too good not to pass on:

The pothead ex-professor is someone I've met repeatedly.


Brad K. said...

One of the arguments to legalize marijuana in California, in the 1980s, was that at the time of criminalization (1930s), there were 10,000 industrial uses for the hemp plant, from various cords and ropes (licenses to grow hemp -- the marijuana plant -- were granted in Iowa during WWII, to provide ropes for all those Navy ships they built), to durable clothes (the original Levis contained hemp fibers).

Your psychologist's comment about myelization (development of brain structure) brings to mind part of the talk Dr. Wahl gave at TEDx Iowa City -- and the nurturing of nerves and brain cells by a diet heavy on greens (3 cups worth . . each of three meals each day). While avoiding Marijuana might avoid particular damage or impaired capacity, I wonder if letting kids go through the school day without their 9 hours of good sleep and their 9 cups of greens (1 c. greens, 1 c. sulfur rich veggies like cabbage, broccoli, and 1 c. colors like carrots and berries, each meal) isn't likewise causing measurable brain damage.

At the very least, I would hope that all laws regarding smoking would include smoking weed. Second hand weed smoke might or might not cause lung cancer at the rate tobacco smoke does. Maybe. But your video already identifies one health impairment from smoking, so I would hope bystanders would be protected from weed smoke, too.

Billll said...

During the 60's one of the things that struck me was that every single pot-soaked hippie I met was unalterably convinced that Dick Nixon or J. Edgar Hoover was personally listening in on their every phone conversation.
"Paranoia strikes deep,
into your life it will creep..." went the song.

I seem to remember growing up on 1-2C of greens a day and about 6 hours of sleep a night and here I am the dictionary definition of normality. Ask anyone.